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Greetings Everyone, I wish everyone A Very Happy New and Prosperous Year of the Pig. I am currently here in Merbok, Kedah Malaysia Merbok has a natural beauty which mostly only local comes here. There are farms who accept travellers… Continue Reading…


I am a tourist in Saigon from Singapore. My happy moments in Hanoi made me visit Ho Chi Minh City or to some people like me, I prefer to call it “Saigon”. It’s kind of reminded me about Ms Saigon… Continue Reading…


The Cu Chi Tunnels – Sadness during the war still exist until today. It was an interesting day for me and my husband to visit the war zone between Vietnam and America. Little that I know about Vietnam. A country… Continue Reading…


Travelling by car in China was the best decision we ever did. In this article, I will  elaborate  “our travel by car into China” mainly the Sichuan Province with  beautiful Tibetan Villages along the Valley of Abba mountain. We arrived in Chengdu from… Continue Reading…


Hey guys, Perhaps, you have not heard about bullet proof coffee? For those of you who maybe wanting to get rid off some belly fats, one way to do that is doing an INTERMITENT FASTING. What is Intermitent fasting. Here… Continue Reading…


This amazing fruit has a great benefit to our body. It is highly rich in Vitamin C, beta-cryptoxanthin and alpha-carotene that boosts your immunity. It also has iron which increases haemoglobin in our red blood cells. Rich content of riboflavin… Continue Reading…


Hey everyone, (Real me no makeup in this shots with Iphone xs max) It has been a month using the Iphone XS Max from apple and I just wanted to give you guys an update about this phone. In my… Continue Reading…


Hey everyone, Perhaps in point of time, you may awaken into a city of Chengdu China? Here is a hotel I can recommend you. Chengdu best hostel in town Located in the city center of Chengdu. Walking distance to main… Continue Reading…


My dear friends and readers, We are now back again in Chengdu the capital city of Sichuan province here in China. From Songpan to Chengdu with our private driver and his car, started the trip at 9:45 AM, arrived in… Continue Reading…


Hello everyone, We stayed 2 nights in Songpan old town. Of all the town we visited, Songpan is my favourite town. (This is the entrance oldest building when you enter Songpan town by night). It is small, but yet there… Continue Reading…

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