If you wonder how to cook prawns in a very simple yet delicious way… Here is the simple recipe for you.
Steam this large prawns… not sure if you guys call it steaming.
I just place the fresh prawns- washed and drained.
Drop it inside the pot, add sea salt, fresh ginger juice and a lemon juice, then hit up the pot for 5 minutes on a high heat until the excess water runs dry.
You will know when the prawns were cooked as it change into orange in colours.
You can prepare a sauce for the prawns to go along with it.
Combine chili sauce, lemon juice and adding some salt to taste if you must and some drop of ginger juice… WALAHH!!!

Enjoy it with New Zealand white wine Sauvignon Oyster Bay

Serve and enjoy…
Happy Sunday…
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Little did I know about vagina detox. I was searching for health, fitness, beauty products for my new online store and I found this

“vagina yoni clean point herbal tampon”.

Too confusing for it has too many names.

Then I started to do my research.

Mostly known use by many women and too many videos posted on youtube.

Some videos were also mention that “there is no need to detox our vagina as it does clean on its own.

I believe it at first, but then I think again.. why many women has yeast infection and other bad bacteria if our body (Vagina in particular) has the ability to clean itself?

I found the real manufacturer after long hours and days of reasearch.

Obviously many of us when a company or product is from China, we have this typical thoughts about how fake these products are and soon and so forth.

Well, after asking hundreds of questions with the manufacturer I have change my perception about this VAGINA HERBAL TAMPON.

Additionally When comes to chinese medicine, chinese were expert and not the western or modern medicine. (This is only my own opinion).

So i decided to give it a try, bought the pearls and tried it myself.

Main Ingredients



ligusticum wallichii,



the root of red-rooted salvia,


peach kernel,

polygonum caspidatum,

root bark of peony tree,

radices saussureae,

Lignum santali albi,

rhizoma cyperi



1. Unpack the packet – it should be freshly open prior to use it. Never ever leave it open for days.

2. Untie the roll thread.

3. Soak the pearl for at least 3 to 5 minutes in a clean normal temperature water.

4. You are now ready to lie down and slowly insert the pearl leaving 2 inches length of thread outside your V.

5. Leave it inside for minimum of 48 hours. It is now doing it’s work. This is how I do for my first time application.

6. You can remove the pearl slowly and gently after 48 hours from you lr vagina.

7. Wait for another day or 24 hours then you do the second one again.


I ask my contact from he manufacturer name Alice and she said that many if you inserted either 2 or 1 pearl, it has the same effect. Many western women I found on youtube dud so extreme. Inserting 3 in one go seems so marketing strategy to me.

It is individually vacuum pack.

Unpack it and soak the pearl into a normal temperature water for a minute.



Do not ise it when

– you are allergy with herbs

– if you are a virgin

– if you are pregnant

– use only 7 days before your menstruation or 3 days after.

– this is not a tampon for menses.

Always do your own research if this is really want you need to do.

The reason I used it for myself as to really try it before I can sell it.

It feels clean, there were a few discharge.

It also mention by the manufacturer that it can rebuild cells of our ovary.

Some women was pregnant after using about 60 pearls.

I am using it just to detox mine and wanting to be looking young as it can remove dark spots on our skin when our vagina is firm and clean.

I believed in natural meds and not drugs unless it is a life a threat

It is available to buy as set 3 pearls in my store today.

# Are you guys craving for Prawn noodles?


Cook it yourself

## Here is a quick recipe for you… this Sunday

– some prawns ( optional )

– spaghetti or linguine pasta/ noodles – whatever you have available

– garlic

– onion

– some fresh ginger

– spring onion

– cooking oil

– sesame oil

– salt and pepper to taste

(I bet you are super hungry now!)

# How To Cook?

– Cut and remove the scale of the prawn, cut it halfway to create thst butterdly shape. Remove the intestine ( the black line ).

Marinate with sesame oil ( optional )

– Cook the pasta in a hot boiling water about 10 to 12 minutes. Do not over cooked it.

– heat up a pan, add small amount of cooking oil, add your crushed garlic, dice onion, crushed ginger, sterring it till it is brown.

– adding the marinated prawns at the last minute, 2 minutes cooking time of the prawn is good enough.

– add your noodles/ pasta into the pan. Mixed it well, add your salt pepper to taste.😋.

Well, it is not necessary to have the prawn, you can replace it with other kinds of meat like chicken or pork and even add no meat at all! Just all other kinds of vegetables like spinach is a freat idea.

Always remember, to keep your meal as healthy as pissible.

I hope I have given you some ideas today!!!

## Happy Sunday Everyone!

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Be aware of weevils in your rice or cereals

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If you guys need a getaway from Singapore or if you happen to be in Malaysia near Kuala Lumpur? It maybe a good time to drive up to Cameron Highland for a weekend Getaway.

Cameron Highland is located in the District of Pahang West Malaysia.
Cameron highland is known for fresh produce vegetables like corn and fruits such as strawberries.

Cameron Highland is a place to cool down. It has a great food and luxury hotels in the area.

There are a few things you can do in Cameron Highland, such as Touring with your motor bike. A car is not a good idea to go there are Cameron Highland gets traffic and crowded during the weekend.

Another things you can do in Cameron highland is to visit the BOH Tea plantation, drink a cup of tea and eat the famous Scones.

You can visit the Mossy Forest and hike. This you need a special permit to do that can be bought at the gate entrance.

Here is the Video footage of our trip to Cameron Highland in Malaysia

Dave drives a BMW F850 in this journey from Singapore to Johor, passing through highway and Kuala Lumpur to get to Cameron Highland.

I hope you enjoy this video.

This is Elvie Lins

DJI Sparks


Iphone XS Max

Canon GX

If you need some discount for DJI, please check this link




Hey guys,

The road was heating up driving to Cameron Highland from Singapore via Johor and Kuala Lumphur.

It took us 7 plus hours to get here with short stop in between with petrol and lunch and toilet breaks.

But oh man!😭 It was so hot!

But it is better than rain. Definetly!

Once we got off the highway, driving through the widing small road up to Cameron Highland, it was a relief! Much cooler but oh man, there were hundreds if Motor bikes and cars going and oncoming traffic too.

Thankful we arrived safe..

We stayed at a reasonable price and good hotel, not in town but near in nature.

Upon arrival, put all things in the hotel and we had super fresh strawberries right in.

Strawberries season now in cameron highlands. This is the purest no sugar added strawberry juice you can get.

We head then to grab something to eat, we had indian delicious meal.

Above is the Night market that open only on Saturday night.

Start at 8 Pm and close at 11pm.

I have seen this purple corn for the very first time here in Cameron Highlands.

Benefits of Purple Corn, It contains super high in Antioxidant. Purple Corn expresses one of the deepest purple shades found in the plant kingdom, this vibrant purple corns or grains being indicative of the kind of antioxidants it contains anthocyanins. Anti-Inflammatory. Lowers Blood Pressure. Kidney Healthand Eye Health.

The next time you see one, you have to try it. It taste milky and sweet. You do not have to cook the real organic sweet corn.

The second fruit or plant that I see for the first time is SEA COCONUT here in Cameron Highlands.

I taught that sea coconut must live in the sea? It is a plant?

I have eaten a sea coconut before and it was crunchy like the palm coconut.

Sea coconut is white and it is like a peanut but like a jelly too.

The real sea coconut can be eaten raw.

Well, today 17 March, we are going to sea the strawberry farm, tea plantation and much more..

Stay tune…

Love… Elvie Lins..



Are you guys ready for the summer? Here are my 2 favourite pick in swim wear in 2019.

Perhaps, many do not like the idea of wearing full body swim wear but in 2019 Latest Swim Wear has to be full bodied, though sexy and elegance.

The idea of this design is to look super sexy and dramatic at the back not boring. Best for those who want to look at their best in 2019.

The second best choice of I have for latest swim wear in 2019 is the Neck Accessories Black Swim Wear.

Neck Accessories Black Swim suit. I think even if you have an oversize body or large bone I call it, you will still look good in this design.

Black as we all knew never fades in fashion among women.

The good thing to note about this 2 designs, they are not only elegantly looking but the material is also very comfortable.

Made of cotton and other mix of fabric that I cannot really explain that much. But for me, as long as the colour does not go off when I was it and it fits well on the skin, it means that is a good quality material.

For many swim wear I have tried before, many of those colour just bleed one we are on the water.

Well, to be honest, this is made and design in Europe. If you happen to like this and want to get one? You can visit my online store at https://www.elvielins.com main page.

There are more swim wear to choose from as my pick for this year.


elvie lins

Hey guys,

The previous post I had on youtube was about How to make FILIPINO STYLE KIMCHI

When you have Kimchi setting in your fridge, you can create many different kinds of cooking Kimchi base.

Kimchi is such a wonderful thing to have st home, it can go with bbq, or just a condements.

Such as this one I have for you in this post.

Making Prawn Noodle Kimchi.

Preparation time – 15 minutes


– noodles

– kimchi

– fresh ginger

– water

Kimchi Prawn Noodle soup preparation

Perhaps you have known it already, but I tell it anyway for others who do not know.

  1. Bring the water into boil and add the ginger.

  2. Add sufficient amount of kimchi. Be aware that the soup can be spicy after you finish cooking. M

  3. Clean the prawn and cut it into half to remove the black stripe inside. Cooking the prawn should just be about 2 minutes in a boiling soup as the prawn mest get hard to eat.

  1. Cooking the noodle separately if you like or bring it to boil into the soup until tender.

I like my noodles to be cook in a separate pot and adding it later when ready to eat.

  1. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Good appetite.

Until next Kimchi Food ideas.






It takes a lot of hardwork, attitude and motivation in keeping in shape.

Specially when we are or I am ageing.

Keeping the best shape of our life can be very emotional.

But what makes me going?

I am basically fighting fit.

For years that I neglect my health.

For years that ignoring it.

For years nothing in my head but making money.

For years nothing but eating unhealthy and sleeping late…

Now, I am paying for the price as I will be soon getting into golden years.

This will be my motivation..

Hope you all will keeping yourself healthy while you can and while you are all still young.


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Learn about intermittent fasting

Hey guys,

I recently enjured my knee. But I really want to be the best shape of my life this year.

I uploaded this video directly into WP app on my mobile. Hoping this will work as I really wanting to upload short video clips into my blog or post.

This video is about motivation to all.

Not long but hope it does work.

As I have some knee pain currently, I have to avoid running into treadmill and squatting too much.

I hope my knee heal soon.

What about you guys,

What do you do?

Tell me your stories by commenting this post.





Just smashed the gym for an hour.

Here is how my new routine:

Started with 20 minutes intermittent walk and run.

What do I mean by that?

On the treadmill:

I slow down and hit for about 177 to 180 bpm : heart beat per minute then I slow down again to bring my heart beat to 150 bpm, then I run again. I do this for 20 minutes.

After the 20 minutes on a treadmill, I go weight lifting, squatts with about 10 kilos weight on my hands (5 kilos each hands.

I do it on alternate position to whatever I could think of. (I learnt it from youtube)

I will end up with push on the floor and some stretching.

All these can be done even there is no gym equipments.

Exercising dont need to be expensive or going to the gym.

It s all about us! All about you.

Start your routine today!

In my food intake:

I eat lots of fat these days becuase I am on intermittent fasting.

16 to 17 hours of no eating but only water, then 8 hours of eating. Meaning, I eat my breakfast, lunch and dinner within the 8 hour period.

But I use a lot good fat, I am avoiding sugar food. I use only quality salt like himalayans.

I can survive 16 to 17 hours of not eating with the help of bullet proof coffee.

Bullet proof coffee is made up of real brewed coffee, 1 tsp of butter and 1 tsp virgin coconut oil , put it together into a blender and blend it for 20 seconds. Darn it makes me full.

Keeping loads of salads and vegetables still part of my diet.

No soda for me but loads of water, water, water.

Ocasionally, but socially, I have a glass of wine either white or red to respect my husband and friends over dinner.

Well, hope that helps for you.

This is my own experience. I am no expert.

I share to perhaps give you some motivation.

Try it!


Elvie Lins