My Dear Friends,

On our day one of Motoring Malaysia, we stayed in the town of Karak.

We left early morning from Karak and head our way to Genting Highland.

Genting Highland took us about 2 hours with highway. No drama on the road as it is pretty straight forward with good direction on signboards.

From Genting Highland, we then head up to Frazer Hills.

The road to Frazer hills up and down were super narrow.

A road for riders. They were having great fun with short turns and curvey road to Frazer Hill

After Frazer Hills, we head down to a small town for lunch and join the road heading to Cameron Highlands.

As Robby drove down the winding road, he found this little fellow right in the middle of the road.Dave took this cute Turtois and help to cross the road.

After 2 hours on the road, Finally arrived here in Cameron Highlands.

There are so many white roofs as I was looking from a distance and I taught it was a snowy place up above the mountain.

But instead, these are roofs for the garden plants. Lush tomatoes, vegetables and fruits.

The tea plantation is here too.

We settled in a place called Cameronian Logde.

The only place we could get during arrival.

It cost RM 90 per standard room with Queen size bed.

There were many tourist I see everywhere in this town.

Very develop and very touristic.

We had dinner at the popular chinese restaurant.

Dishes above: spicy deer meat, taufu, pork 2 vegetables with 4 rice and a bottle of beer for the boys cost About 129RM

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My dearest readers and friends,

I am on a motorbike trip currently and I taught of sharing you guys about this trip.

Perhaps you may wanto know about Malaysia.

Before I proceed in this journey,

Do you eat Durian Fruit? Many said, it is stinky. But I love durian.

Durian is in season now and Malaysia Road is packed of vendors and price is as low as RM 6 – (Malaysian Money) per Kilo

2 friends started from Singapore this morning and join our place in Gelang Patah.

After a cup of coffee we start cruising from Gelang Patah Petrol Station to Sime Darby Plantation

Malaysia is lush green environment. Full of Palm trees everywhere.

We were passing small winding road as well as many so big lizzard wanting to cruise the road.

Inside Palm plantation, we saw a few train tracks.

I did not have a good shot of the train track but on video.

It was rainng in the afternoon from Gemas heading towards Bentong.

This is why we were very tired and we decided to stay overnight here in Karak

Staying in a small hotel in Karak and we had wonderful evening with local food and the guys had few beers.

This is tiger beer. If you guys are a beer drinker, you provably know tiger beer.

Do you know that Malaysians are very friendly people? I am talking about the villagers. They were nice and love to ask you questions and are happy to help out for direction.

However,as you can see in this image, there is this a guy who were interviewing us.

Below is an overview of the map I recorded over an App.

I hope you enjoy this journey.

I will update again tomorrow.

Love always,


My dear friends,

Do you wanna know my hometown?

My hometown is in Davao – Mindanao, the Southern part of the Philippines.

About an hour  flight from Manila and Cebu to Davao City.

Biggest festival called Kadayawan is celebrated here in the City.

Next month, from August 10 to 19, 2018 will once again comes a long week to one of the most celebrated festival in Davao City.

Every year in the second week of August, kadayawan festival were normally held with few groups of performing dancers from different schools and community.

Mostly, around Davao region join together and give thier best street dance performances. Colourful street dancing happens right on the street of San Pedro and right infront of Marco Polo

Almost every year, I visit my hometown as I love to see this live performances.

For me, kadayawan festival is better to see than the sinulog in Cebu Philippines.

Somehow you can compare Kadayawan with Ati Atihan in Cebu Philippines.

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Well, I have been talking with you about kadayawan and not explaining what Kadayawan means?

The word Kadayawan is actually come from the word “Dayaw” meaning WELCOME.

For many Davaneo, it is the time to give thanks and that is one of the reason why there are large floats cars, motorbikes and trucks and beautiful costumes decorated with fruits and vegetables on parade during Kadayawan.

Here is the Video last year

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See you in davao city soon!

❤Love always,

Elvie Lins

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My  Friends and readers,

Do you know that the hometown of Philippine president is in Davao?

He is a simple man.

He does not have a mansion.

When I went to visit last year in Davao, I pass by his place as his home is near to mine.

However, this post you will get to know how foriegners travel in Davao.


Yes, travelling in Davao by jeep or jeepney for white tall man is possible.

Jeepney is the most common transport.


Moving around Davao City is also possible by foot and bicycle with a little umbrella

This is the sample of that Bicycle.


This bicycle can be seated with maximum of 2 pax.

Though when it’s raining, it is not a good idea to ride with this type of tranport.

Use only bicycle for very shot distance.

Taxi like Grab company is also available in Davao.

I find it much cheaper compare to the local taxi.

Alternatively walking around Davao City is safe. From nearby restaurant to malls can be walk if you like walking.

Davao City itself has no MARTIAL LAW. Only to province and other cities,Matial law is implemented. You asks me why? I think because, for safey to both locals and specially the foreigners.

In Davao city, to be honest, I find that the people are more honest, compare to Manila and Cebu.

I have had bad experience in Manila taking taxi. The driver will tell you all sort of story that this is far location and you have to pay extra because of the traffic and so on.

In Cebu city, my friend and I were in the taxi and the driver asks us to go down and leave our bags behind. We made a report as I took the taxi place number, but the taxi was not even registered.  Now way to be found.

There are many foreigners living in Davao city. I can see it in my own eyes. I had a few dining  at local restaurant nearby my condo unit, I can see white noses.

There is a  expats community in Davao city too. They have gathering form time to time in a bar just a few walks around my unit.

Italian and other famous international fine dining can be located as well.

Here is my jeepney video with my husband and our friend Otto.

always thankful,

## Do you like body combat? Here is a copy for

How to do the basic of body combat video

Here is the extreme body combat video for 60 minutes

Would you like to help me raise funds for the homeless children in Davaocity? Any amount you like will do.  The funds will be send to them and it will help them cope from day to day expeneses like food.

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Getting into exercising alone take a lot of courage and motivation.

This morning, I wanted to do a different environment of doing body combat.

I went to the community club and brought my Lop top with me.

Played the body combat video and follow the steps.

Because I decided not to join any fitness club, I have been doing my own exercise any where I am.

But doing body combat in the public is a challenge. some neighbour may notice and get erritated what you do.

Who really cares right?

My motivation here is.. I really want you to start doing something.

Here is the video again for you to download.

Practice this steps and master it.

Never know you like body combat.

It is free for you.



Always love and care,


Would you clean your own car?

I do clean my own car for bunch of reasons.

  1. I can lose some sweats and calories. You may think it is easy to cleaning cars. It looks like easy but it isn’t really.

Before we proceed…

We need some cloth, not just any cloth. It has to be good quality fiber that will not scratch your car.

We also need a Car shampoo- up to you but best is the kind that wil not tarnish your car paint.

I use car shampoo with wax in it. It glides very well on the surface.

We also need a dishwashing liquid and a brush plus cloth to dig inside the Rim. I like it looking very shining.

(After cleaning)

(Before cleaning)

I use dishwashing liquid to get rid of the oily stuff.

Please do not forget to use hand gloves.

You do not want to ruin your hand skin do you?

Aside from shampooing and washing tyers of your car, you need to also chexk for oil and water.

I think car varries its features. You can check your manual. But mostly you can also see it on your dashboard. I am not so technical in elaborating you this. 😜

Below image, I am showing you how to open your car where the oil tank located.

That is the point where I can open mine with Audi.

I use a metal stick or can be a long chopstick to measure my oil. 😜 who cares.

Next, you must also check your water.

I normally add dishwashing liquid to the clean drinking filtered water. I never ever, put any dirt water. Filtered and drinking water is best.

Keeping the car in good condition depends on how you take good care of it.

My car is 8.5 years old.

When my friends ride with me, they often ask how i keep the car smells good and outside looking like brand new.

I do not bring the car for a car wash too.

I always wash it myself.

It helps me loose some calories when doing it.

Lastly, fo not slam your car door! Dahh.😳

My friends knows not to slam the door when getting out from the car.

Also, I never allow eating inside the car.

Thank you for reading.

If you need some cleaning stuff or Micro fiber cleaning cloth.


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Scala Dei Turchi is located near  Agrigento in Sicily Italy.

Together with some motor bike friend from my husband, we did a motor bike tour almost the entire Sicily.

One of the stop we had was sleeping in Agrigento. 

Agreginto, is the nearest town that you could stay and visit Stairs of the turks or Scala Die Turchi in Sicily Italy.

(On the image, that is Roberto and Scotts. Rich and retired travelling around the world).

From Agrigento town, you can just walk to Scala Dei Turchi. The path is with nicely done steps.

For those who are not so good with their legs, may not be advisable as some of the parts are very stiff while going up to the stone.

This is the beach while you head to the white stone as you see on the background of Roberto and Scotts. It is pretty amazing how the formation of this Scala Dei Turchi of Stairs by the Turks.

According to the history, the origin name was from the Turkish Pirate who have done many invasion in the island.

Because I was fascinated with the view, I totally forgotten to take a solo picture of myself. Specially when I was with bunch of hunks, it is very difficult to do selfie as they think I am crazy.

You would actually feel that it is like a chalk. You know the one we use to write on the green board in school. That kind of feeling. The stone was so powdery like when I touched it.

As you can see in this image with bunch of people walking up and enjoying the stone. Many were just staying and doing sun bath. But most of the people are like passing through like ourselves.

In this image, you see how the stone is being curves by the water. It is just so beautiful.

While you are on the top of scala dei turchi, you see this beautiful view. Very scenic. Blue ocean. A perfect combination of white stone and the blue ocean.

Well, this is one of the travel I can be proud to say.. I did it!

I include here a video here for you to get inspired

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/PkjfdR9fm_w” frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay; encrypted-media” allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Love always,


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Do you really consider hot lemon water to be part of your morning routine? It might help prevent so many kinds of diseases and even maybe cancer.

I have been drinking Hot Lemon Water since 2013. I got introduce to this hot lemon from a customer of my Photography business who is very physically attractive. One day I ask him how to keep our body healthy.

One particular advise that I took from him is to drink hot lemon water every single morning when you can.

I ask, what does lemon do to our body?

He believes that by drinking hot lemon water cleanses our GUT or colon. This part of our body do need cleaning. By drinking hot lemon will cleanse the wall of our colon.

Years before not knowing about hot lemon water, I suffer gastro intestinal pain. When I drink milk or any juices or coffee and tea  in the morning, I will have that pain attack each time. I started to develop a saliva accumulation in my mouth. It was awful!

Believe me or not,

It was hell every morning for me. So I don’t enjoy my breakfast at all and I avoid all the coffee and only drink plain water.

But when I started drinking hot lemon water without any food first thing in the morning, on my first 3 days or so, It felt some kind of cramp on my stomach but not the kind of pain I suffered during gastritis.

Since then, every morning I drink hot lemon water because my gastritis have disappear.

I also felt light and not bloated. I can drink coffee and milk as well as orange juices every morning or whenever I feel like.

My gastritis did not came back until today. I was also asthmatic, I do not have a bad attack of Asthma since I drink hot lemon water. Most of all I can vowel very well.

According to Dr. Guruprasad Reddy BV OSH State Medical University in Moscow Russia.

That drinking hot lemon water can prevent cancer. It must not add sugar. Hot lemon water is beneficial than cold lemon water. From Cold Lemon water, we get only Vitmain C.

Hot lemon water can sustain your health and make you live longer!
Hot lemon water kills cancer cells.
Add hot water to 2-3 slices of lemon. Make it a daily drink.
The bitterness in hot lemon water is the best substance to kill cancer cells.
Hot lemon water can control cancer tumor growth.
Clinical tests have proven hot lemon water works.
This type of Lemon extract treatment will only destroy the malignant cells, it does not affect healthy cells.
 Citric acid and lemon polyphenol inside lemon juice, can help reduce high blood pressure.
Is an ffective prevention of deep vein thrombosis, improve blood circulation, and reduce blood clots.

Dr. Gupta also added that:

01.Often taking late night dinner can increase the chance of stomach cancer.
02. Never take more than 4 eggs per week.
03. Eating chicken backside can cause stomach cancer..
04. Never eat fruits after meal. Fruits should be eaten before meals.
05. Don’t take tea during menstruation period.
06.Take less soy milk, no adding sugar or egg to soy milk.
07. Don’t eat tomato with empty stomach.
08. Drink a glass of plain water every morning before food to prevent gall bladder stones.
09. No food 3 hrs before bed time.
10. Drink less liquor or avoid, no nutritional properties but can cause diabetes and hypertension.
11. Do not eat toast bread when it is hot from oven or toaster.
12. Do not charge your handphone or any device next to you when you are sleeping.
13. Drink 10 glasses of water a day to prevent bladder cancer.
14. Drink more water in the day time, less at night.
15. Don’t drink more than 2 cups of coffee a day, may cause insomnia and gastric.
16. Eat less oily food. It takes 5-7 hrs to digest them, makes you feel tired.
17. After 5pm, eat less.
18. Six types of food that makes you happy: banana, grapefruit,  spinach, pumpkin, peach.
19. Sleeping less than 8 hrs a day may deteriorate our brain function. Taking Afternoon rest for half an hour may keep our youthful look.
20. Cooked tomato has better healing properties than the raw tomato.
(the above statement was pass on to me)
Though I almost eat anything, but I also make sure to avoid some sugary and salty food.
I keep my exercise routine and I sleep well.
I drink only to socialise and not to disappoint my friends.


As mention above about lemon, until today, I am drinking hot lemon water before I have my food each morning. Like a shower every day.
My advise if you happen to like drinking hot lemon water is to make sure that you eat your breakfast food after 5 to 10 minutes. This is what I do and I am sharing you base on my experience.


I never take soda, pack fruit juices or in can.  I am making my own juices. These is very handy to make if you have your food blender or processor like this one .

Get your nutribullet today
Nutribullet and citrus squeezer like this one you see on the image is something I must have in my kitchen.
There are so many citrus and food blend you can find with a good price on AMAZON
My readers and friends,
Nothing wrong if you start your healthy living today.
Start drinking hot lemon water


Squeeze 1 lemon for 1 person
Place the lemon juice into the glass – never use plastic please.
Boiled some water.
Add hot water into the lemon, adjust the temperature of the water so that you are able to drink and drink it all the way while it is hot or warm.
Wait about 5 to 10 minutes then you can eat. The reason for this is to have some time for the lemon to settle inside your colon.
I like to share you this video[purchase_link id=”0″ style=”text link” color=”” text=”https://www.dropbox.com/sh/x2li1qjmg2vbv8i/AADS_BYGUUzaMqgwuR-LedXJa?dl=0″]
Love always,



Hey everyone,

Currently it is a mid summer in Singapore and it is really hot here. I am talking about the weather and the women.  That includes me and my friend. Just kidding….

Singapore Sales is now happening and many rich  people from Indonesia are here to shop as well as the neighbouring country and of course the people that lives here.

My friend and I were at Orchard Road, we have not been out for awhile so we decided to meet up  and we started to have coffee and cake at this place called LADY M – New York.

At LADY M – NEW YORK, you can enjoy a fine pastries. It is not just an ordinary cakes, they seems to be will crafted. 

The coffee and this chocolate coated cake is really yummy to eat. It is not sweet like those ordinary pastries you can get around Singapore. I am very much happy about this place that it exist here in Singapore.

After the yummy coffee break, we head down to Ion Mall – this is just in Orchard Mrt Station. It is one of the biggest mall here in Singapore.

There are so many brands are on offer currently such as Mango, H & M, Aldo and many more. From 20 % off to even as high as 70 %.


On top of the Sales, Many shop owners were creating some kind of activities or some competition and promotion to attract customers. Singapore businesses, you may think they all doing well, basically base on my experience, as a retail shop owner once, competition were so high. People mostly shop online these days.Well, Singapore is not only all about sale.

If you are interested for football or jus want to have some night life, Orchard Tower is a famous mostly for men who are in for drinks, games and of course lady of the night. ( just joking).

There are so many bars in Orchard Tower from first to 3th floor.

On the basement and some floors, there are also small shops that sells from food to clothing and other stuffs.

Here are some images when we came in during bars were still close.

Taking Photographs here in Orchard towers during opening hours of the bars are strictly prohibited.


#Vietnames Pho in Orchard Tower

Me and my friend Okie came here to discover Vietnamese food. Yes, finally you can get some real vietnams PHO here and fresh spring rolls. It is located on the 3rd floor.

Where else you can see  World Cup football live show in Singapore?

Orchard Marriot Hotel is showing live streaming of World Cup.

The Bar has one for 1 or happy hour on alcoholic beverages.

Singapore Marriot Hotel at Tangs

Here is the Video for complete story about this blog.

I am thankful for you reading this post. And I hope you enjoy some Singapore tells today.


Love, Elvie Lins

Have you guys hear about Steempress?

Steempress is a wordpress PLUGIN  that connects any wordpress blog to steem blockchain.

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    This is the Steem Power amount Steempress have currently.

 Posting your post on steemit using steempress plugin from wordpress- steempress will upvote your post currently. I am not sure how long will they do this.



Yes, I do have some minor issue.  The image below is a screen shots to one of my posts on steemit blog.

I notice that using html coding and inject it to posts writing on wordpress – once I posted it to steemit, it does not show an image. Instead, it shows some funny codes like the one you see above.


So instead using html code that I copy from Amazon affilaite, I use and image of that product and I use a product links and not the html code.


You should no longer edit once your post is been onto steemit. Before clicking on PUBLISH BUTTON, be very sure that post is final and NO MORE MISTAKES.

What do I think about steempress as an overall concept?

I think it can help many bloggers like us. It is a WIN WIN outcome and it is beneficial for everyone who likes blogging?


Because I believed that steemit is here to stay. Using facebook and other social media for posting great content like your post will bring you nothing. On steemit, you earn some dollars, at the beginning may not be that big but as you go along, and as long as you keep posting daily, you will be rewarded.

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