Moringa is added into Noodle Soup

Malungay is what we called of Moringa back in the Philippines.

Though it has many benefits to our health, moringa can may contradicts to your health:

It is said that malungay also interfere with antiretroviral drugs for treating HIV.

Because it can lower sugar level as well as lower blood pressure.

Lucky for us who has to lower our blood pressure levels from high. We shall eat more Moringa. We shall not depend on medecation.


Back in my country, The Philippines, we add moringa or malungay to our meals such as making noodle soup, chicken soup and even we dry this Malungay to make it into powder then capsule it. Though capsulising Malungay is not my thing, I prefer it to add to my soups..


It has said that moringa may help in general health as anti inflamatory, high in anti oxidants properties as well.

It is very beneficial for Asthmatic person..

It streghthen the lungs and open up breathing naturally. May not be for all types of asthma but in general it is good for asthmatic people.

It has also 3 x high in potassium compare with Banana. – It is why I add it to be part of my daily meal. As potasium helps many women to keep away mood swing. ( if you can relate).

So husband who has nagging wife.. maybe that your wife has a mood swings, feed her a glass of moringa juice daily before meals.


Moringa is very easy to plant. You cut a stem and dig it into a 2 inches soil. In the pot or directly to the soil. But Moringa or malungay loves sun..


According to the expert, it does not matter if we cook the moringa leaves. It has still benefits as long as we drink the water. It is the water that contains all the nutrients.

However, I do believe in its potency if we juice the fresh leaves and not cooking them. The problem I face is that the pure juice is very bitter.


Add it to your chicken soup or noodle soup just like how you add your leafy vegetables. Try to just add the leaves for a minute right before you are done with all the cooking.

If not.. as I mention above.. juice it and drink the fresh juice every morning before your meals.





I was walking along the road of Davao,  I spotted this boy sweeping along the road side.

He was cleaning the side road of Davao. 

Davao city is the home of the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte

How amazing you may say! If he is only playing.

If he is not playing… then how embarrassing children go on labour at a young age in the Philippines if that is the case.


#rodrigoduterte #davaocity

Durian fruit is popular among many Asians.

In the Philippibes, Indonesia Thailand and Malaysia were mostly large number of Durian farm producer.

Durian especially the export kind is now being exported in China according to a friend in Malaysia.

The rich Chinese nationals were paying high price for a Durian that is coming from Malaysia and Thailand.

WHY I LIKE DURIAN? I like the taste of that yucky feeling. Bettersweet white chocolate like.


The durian is the fruit of several tree species belonging to the genus Durio. There are 30 recognised Durio species, at least nine of which produce edible fruit, with over 100 named varieties in Indonesia, 300 in Thailand and 100 in Malaysia. 

DURIAN seems stinky but delicious like chocolate bitter sweet to others and just disgusting to some.

It is not easy to open up this Durian fruit.

It has a lot of sharp poking on you when you touch the fruit.

Durian in the Shell

If you ever coming to Asian country- try to taste this King of the Fruit. The Durian.

Thank you for reading.

Mount Ophir or Gunung Ledang in Malaysia

Mount Ophir was a mountain I hike prior to climb Kilimanjaro.

Mount Ophir is not that far if you are coming from Singapore. It is a mountain in Gunung Ledang National Park whereby you will have to submit yourself and get a guide for each group who goes to hike the mountain. Here is the mountain overview: You will need to drive to Tangkak District to reach Gunung Ledang. The summit is also located in between Melaka and Muar. This mountain is the number 64 highest in Malaysia.

Me hubby and one of my girl friend climb 1276 meters high mountain in Ledang Johor Bahru. We thought would just be a high hill. NO! absolutely wrong impression.

It is very stiff and very difficult to climb. You need to be fit in order for you to reach to the Summit.

There are 2 routes in this climb. The easiest way which you can reach 2 hours and another one is the toughest which according to our guide could take us 4 hours. We did the difficult path for 2 hours and not so bad at all.

There were many or I would say a group of young Chinese Nationals during our climb.

It was super humid, and because we are under the the giant trees, it does NOT feel so hot. It is beautiful feeling around the big trees. The big trees were also surrounded with some big vines which you can hold on to it as you crawl on some stiff and slippery path ways.


Extra shirt- you will be so soaking wet- you perspire so much
Carry light meal – sandwich , chocolate bars, energy bars, water or energy drink is a must.
Do not worry much about water because there is safe water to drink in between.Be sure to have your water container.

Very gripping or hiking shoes is a must With thick comfortable socks- your Knees will be really working so much as its hilly and when going down, the impact of your steps is killing- Be sure that you are really prepared. Bring a walking sticks so you can have support during downhill.

I would say, this is not good to hike if you have been into bad knees injury. I am sure it will be bad for your knees after that.

Well, there are a lot of things to do in Malaysia @everyone, Malaysia has mountain and beaches. Exotic food and fresh vegetables which I may have to write about this topic on the next blog.

Thank you for reading and as always.. This is Eve.

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Rice colored with blue flower

I get to know butterfly pea flower when I was dining in my home city Philippines.

I was fascinated looking at the deep blue rice next to our table. So I ordered a bowl of rice for myself.

Then the waitress at the restaurant showed me how naturally they colour thier blue and yellow rice by using flowers which they plant at the farm.

The restaurant was a native farm producer for thier own use at the restaurant such as chicken, porks and vegetables that they serve at Bahay Kubo Davao City

Then I was in Singapore, visited a friend who works for a chinese family. She grow this butterfly pea flower in thier garden.

Rememering how beneficial the flower was. Then I google further to learn about this amazing butterfly pea flower.

Blue butterfly pea flower

It is not just butterfly pea flower, it has to be blue that has more benefits to our health such as:

  • High in Potent Antioxidants and has even been studied for its ability to help protect the skin against premature aging (it fights against glycation, which is protein damage caused by an influx of sugar molecules).
  • Relieve stress
  • Correct sleeps
  • Improve hair growth. Rich in bioflavonoids, Butterfly Pea can promote hair growth and reduce greying of hair.

I can go on and on with so many health benefits of the amazing butterfly pea flower and you may get bored reading. I urge you to try it for yourself, make a tea with blue butterfly pea flower from me. 100 grams at $10.00 plus shipping.

That friend of mine in Singapore given me a seeds to plant and they are easily grown in my little garden today.

sun dried blue butterfly pea flower

You can purchase a seeds from me or the dry flowers.

Becuase I use and drink butterfly pea flower each day, I look after it that no spray can come in any form.

I cannot tell you it is organic because I grow it in a ground soil and not in isolated garden pots.

Here is a video about how to prepare Fresh Blue Butterfly pea flower tea to drink and more information.

Thanks for reading. If you have any question do let me know. 💕@elvielins

Our body needs light meals at night.

Being abke to prepare salad:

Smoked salmon

Hard boiled eggs

Loads of greens

Macadamia nuts

Seasoned with balsamic and olive oil

Decorated with Blue butterfly pea flower. Butterfly pea flower is edible and it has high in anti oxidants.

I can sell you some seeds if you guys like to plant this butterfly pea flower seeds.

Serve with love and compassion

Dinner is serve😊

Wazzup everyone🤗

Do you know that it is advisable not to eat meat with carbs? Carbs such as rice.

Yah! Becuase it is not a good combination.

A good combination is if you have meat in your meal, you should have it combine with salad or any forms of vegetables.

Honestly, I only learn it not long ago.
😘 well, we all go through with experience right?

Try to have this approach. Eating mest should be eaten together with vegetables.

And never forget to always keep an active lifestyle.

Exercise and a good laugh is the key to a healthy living.

Here is one tools I use to keep me in shape around my waist.
It does help burns more fats as we exercise.

This is an amazing waist trainer https://www.getyourbodyshape.com



Hi everyone!😍

Meet my non- leafy salad.

Check what you have in your fridge..

A simple yet healthy way of eating light meal at night can be really helpful especially when you are trying to keep in shape.

Though below may not be the healtiest fruits and vegetables but these are light meal replacement to the usual meat, rice or noodles.

HAHAHA! Well, what I have here?


half of ripe mango

half of green apple

1 hard boiled egg

I whisk drops of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

That’s It!👍

Eating light at night can be really good for us if we are trying to keep in shape as well as relaxing your overall body while you sleep.

It does help me and I hope it will help you too.

Start your journey today..

Love❤️ Elvie Lins

I woke up pretty early, decided to have a cup of coffee before heading to the gym..

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❤️love…. Elvie

Women waist shaper body trimmer sauna corset

Sometimes, we do need some stuff to help us trim our tummy.

When I was younger, my tummy got flatten easily when I want. But as I got older, tummy is not easily trim unless we go for lippo.
But lippo can cost us thousands of dollars.
Then I tried a few trimming corset. Many that I tried before were not a good quality. But I am proud for this particular waist shaper.

I wear it when I am doing my exercise or when I wear a dress or at work.

I love the fact that I sweat 10x faster than I used to during exercise.

Especially around the waist or tummy area, when I am wearing it during exercise even just walking fast around the block for short time.

It is a good product to try if you do not have that money for lippo.
It did work for me. When comes to quality, it does fit well on my skin.

The material has 90% polyster and 10% spandex. The inner part is cotton. The strap is adjustable and has 3 rows of hooks plus zipper at the front. I am only introducing 2 colours, the black and beige. Sizes are from XS to 6XL really super large.

Nicely shape at the back- so you too can shape the lower part f your arm at the back.

This is why I decided to share this to the world.

However, if you expect this to do the job and you keep eating sugar, ice cream, cakes and more carbs or no balance deit, I can guarrantee that it will not work. Even you do not have this corset, but you will train and make a time to exercise, you will get fitter each and everyday.

Nothing will be working for you even when you go for tummy tuck, it will come back in a few months.


Too much of other things means NO GOOD.

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