Is Malungay – Moringa Bad or Good?

Moringa is added into Noodle Soup

Malungay is what we called of Moringa back in the Philippines.

Though it has many benefits to our health, moringa can may contradicts to your health:

It is said that malungay also interfere with antiretroviral drugs for treating HIV.

Because it can lower sugar level as well as lower blood pressure.

Lucky for us who has to lower our blood pressure levels from high. We shall eat more Moringa. We shall not depend on medecation.


Back in my country, The Philippines, we add moringa or malungay to our meals such as making noodle soup, chicken soup and even we dry this Malungay to make it into powder then capsule it. Though capsulising Malungay is not my thing, I prefer it to add to my soups..


It has said that moringa may help in general health as anti inflamatory, high in anti oxidants properties as well.

It is very beneficial for Asthmatic person..

It streghthen the lungs and open up breathing naturally. May not be for all types of asthma but in general it is good for asthmatic people.

It has also 3 x high in potassium compare with Banana. – It is why I add it to be part of my daily meal. As potasium helps many women to keep away mood swing. ( if you can relate).

So husband who has nagging wife.. maybe that your wife has a mood swings, feed her a glass of moringa juice daily before meals.


Moringa is very easy to plant. You cut a stem and dig it into a 2 inches soil. In the pot or directly to the soil. But Moringa or malungay loves sun..


According to the expert, it does not matter if we cook the moringa leaves. It has still benefits as long as we drink the water. It is the water that contains all the nutrients.

However, I do believe in its potency if we juice the fresh leaves and not cooking them. The problem I face is that the pure juice is very bitter.


Add it to your chicken soup or noodle soup just like how you add your leafy vegetables. Try to just add the leaves for a minute right before you are done with all the cooking.

If not.. as I mention above.. juice it and drink the fresh juice every morning before your meals.





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