Mountain in Malaysia – Mount Ophir or Gunung Ledang

Mount Ophir or Gunung Ledang in Malaysia

Mount Ophir was a mountain I hike prior to climb Kilimanjaro.

Mount Ophir is not that far if you are coming from Singapore. It is a mountain in Gunung Ledang National Park whereby you will have to submit yourself and get a guide for each group who goes to hike the mountain. Here is the mountain overview: You will need to drive to Tangkak District to reach Gunung Ledang. The summit is also located in between Melaka and Muar. This mountain is the number 64 highest in Malaysia.

Me hubby and one of my girl friend climb 1276 meters high mountain in Ledang Johor Bahru. We thought would just be a high hill. NO! absolutely wrong impression.

It is very stiff and very difficult to climb. You need to be fit in order for you to reach to the Summit.

There are 2 routes in this climb. The easiest way which you can reach 2 hours and another one is the toughest which according to our guide could take us 4 hours. We did the difficult path for 2 hours and not so bad at all.

There were many or I would say a group of young Chinese Nationals during our climb.

It was super humid, and because we are under the the giant trees, it does NOT feel so hot. It is beautiful feeling around the big trees. The big trees were also surrounded with some big vines which you can hold on to it as you crawl on some stiff and slippery path ways.


Extra shirt- you will be so soaking wet- you perspire so much
Carry light meal – sandwich , chocolate bars, energy bars, water or energy drink is a must.
Do not worry much about water because there is safe water to drink in between.Be sure to have your water container.

Very gripping or hiking shoes is a must With thick comfortable socks- your Knees will be really working so much as its hilly and when going down, the impact of your steps is killing- Be sure that you are really prepared. Bring a walking sticks so you can have support during downhill.

I would say, this is not good to hike if you have been into bad knees injury. I am sure it will be bad for your knees after that.

Well, there are a lot of things to do in Malaysia @everyone, Malaysia has mountain and beaches. Exotic food and fresh vegetables which I may have to write about this topic on the next blog.

Thank you for reading and as always.. This is Eve.

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