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How To Enjoy Oyster Bay New Zealand White Wine

If you wonder how to cook prawns in a very simple yet delicious way… Here is the simple recipe for you.
Steam this large prawns… not sure if you guys call it steaming.
I just place the fresh prawns- washed and drained.
Drop it inside the pot, add sea salt, fresh ginger juice and a lemon juice, then hit up the pot for 5 minutes on a high heat until the excess water runs dry.
You will know when the prawns were cooked as it change into orange in colours.
You can prepare a sauce for the prawns to go along with it.
Combine chili sauce, lemon juice and adding some salt to taste if you must and some drop of ginger juice… WALAHH!!!

Enjoy it with New Zealand white wine Sauvignon Oyster Bay

Serve and enjoy…
Happy Sunday…
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