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Weekend To Cameron Highland in Malaysia with BMW F850

If you guys need a getaway from Singapore or if you happen to be in Malaysia near Kuala Lumpur? It maybe a good time to drive up to Cameron Highland for a weekend Getaway.

Cameron Highland is located in the District of Pahang West Malaysia.
Cameron highland is known for fresh produce vegetables like corn and fruits such as strawberries.

Cameron Highland is a place to cool down. It has a great food and luxury hotels in the area.

There are a few things you can do in Cameron Highland, such as Touring with your motor bike. A car is not a good idea to go there are Cameron Highland gets traffic and crowded during the weekend.

Another things you can do in Cameron highland is to visit the BOH Tea plantation, drink a cup of tea and eat the famous Scones.

You can visit the Mossy Forest and hike. This you need a special permit to do that can be bought at the gate entrance.

Here is the Video footage of our trip to Cameron Highland in Malaysia

Dave drives a BMW F850 in this journey from Singapore to Johor, passing through highway and Kuala Lumpur to get to Cameron Highland.

I hope you enjoy this video.

This is Elvie Lins

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