7 Hours Of Motorbike Riding To Cameron Highland at 39 Degree heat on 16 March 2019

Hey guys,

The road was heating up driving to Cameron Highland from Singapore via Johor and Kuala Lumphur.

It took us 7 plus hours to get here with short stop in between with petrol and lunch and toilet breaks.

But oh man!😭 It was so hot!

But it is better than rain. Definetly!

Once we got off the highway, driving through the widing small road up to Cameron Highland, it was a relief! Much cooler but oh man, there were hundreds if Motor bikes and cars going and oncoming traffic too.

Thankful we arrived safe..

We stayed at a reasonable price and good hotel, not in town but near in nature.

Upon arrival, put all things in the hotel and we had super fresh strawberries right in.

Strawberries season now in cameron highlands. This is the purest no sugar added strawberry juice you can get.

We head then to grab something to eat, we had indian delicious meal.

Above is the Night market that open only on Saturday night.

Start at 8 Pm and close at 11pm.

I have seen this purple corn for the very first time here in Cameron Highlands.

Benefits of Purple Corn, It contains super high in Antioxidant. Purple Corn expresses one of the deepest purple shades found in the plant kingdom, this vibrant purple corns or grains being indicative of the kind of antioxidants it contains anthocyanins. Anti-Inflammatory. Lowers Blood Pressure. Kidney Healthand Eye Health.

The next time you see one, you have to try it. It taste milky and sweet. You do not have to cook the real organic sweet corn.

The second fruit or plant that I see for the first time is SEA COCONUT here in Cameron Highlands.

I taught that sea coconut must live in the sea? It is a plant?

I have eaten a sea coconut before and it was crunchy like the palm coconut.

Sea coconut is white and it is like a peanut but like a jelly too.

The real sea coconut can be eaten raw.

Well, today 17 March, we are going to sea the strawberry farm, tea plantation and much more..

Stay tune…

Love… Elvie Lins..



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