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Hey guys,

The previous post I had on youtube was about How to make FILIPINO STYLE KIMCHI

When you have Kimchi setting in your fridge, you can create many different kinds of cooking Kimchi base.

Kimchi is such a wonderful thing to have st home, it can go with bbq, or just a condements.

Such as this one I have for you in this post.

Making Prawn Noodle Kimchi.

Preparation time – 15 minutes


– noodles

– kimchi

– fresh ginger

– water

Kimchi Prawn Noodle soup preparation

Perhaps you have known it already, but I tell it anyway for others who do not know.

  1. Bring the water into boil and add the ginger.

  2. Add sufficient amount of kimchi. Be aware that the soup can be spicy after you finish cooking. M

  3. Clean the prawn and cut it into half to remove the black stripe inside. Cooking the prawn should just be about 2 minutes in a boiling soup as the prawn mest get hard to eat.

  1. Cooking the noodle separately if you like or bring it to boil into the soup until tender.

I like my noodles to be cook in a separate pot and adding it later when ready to eat.

  1. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Good appetite.

Until next Kimchi Food ideas.






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