Just smashed the gym for an hour.

Here is how my new routine:

Started with 20 minutes intermittent walk and run.

What do I mean by that?

On the treadmill:

I slow down and hit for about 177 to 180 bpm : heart beat per minute then I slow down again to bring my heart beat to 150 bpm, then I run again. I do this for 20 minutes.

After the 20 minutes on a treadmill, I go weight lifting, squatts with about 10 kilos weight on my hands (5 kilos each hands.

I do it on alternate position to whatever I could think of. (I learnt it from youtube)

I will end up with push on the floor and some stretching.

All these can be done even there is no gym equipments.

Exercising dont need to be expensive or going to the gym.

It s all about us! All about you.

Start your routine today!

In my food intake:

I eat lots of fat these days becuase I am on intermittent fasting.

16 to 17 hours of no eating but only water, then 8 hours of eating. Meaning, I eat my breakfast, lunch and dinner within the 8 hour period.

But I use a lot good fat, I am avoiding sugar food. I use only quality salt like himalayans.

I can survive 16 to 17 hours of not eating with the help of bullet proof coffee.

Bullet proof coffee is made up of real brewed coffee, 1 tsp of butter and 1 tsp virgin coconut oil , put it together into a blender and blend it for 20 seconds. Darn it makes me full.

Keeping loads of salads and vegetables still part of my diet.

No soda for me but loads of water, water, water.

Ocasionally, but socially, I have a glass of wine either white or red to respect my husband and friends over dinner.

Well, hope that helps for you.

This is my own experience. I am no expert.

I share to perhaps give you some motivation.

Try it!


Elvie Lins



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