If you are thinking of shoping and sending out a package or parcel out from Bangkok, this article is for you.

Upon writing this article, I basically just finished sending out a 20 kilo grams of clothing with the box provided by EMS in Bangkok Thailand.

Where to shop in Bangkok?

Without a doubt, there are provably thousands of places and location to shop until you drop in Bangkok.

My number one recomendation:

Bobae Night Market

This market open only at 2am till 6 am in the morning.

Imagine you have to get up from your deep sleep to shop here.

I understand the scenario. It is only meant to open 2am till 6 am, not the usual 7 to 12 mindnight market.

You can really buy an affordable lower prices for clothings, latest fashions and all the ‘barang barang’ all sort of stuff related to fashions need here.

Pratunam Market, Day or night.

Pratunam is a changing store kind if place.

From 6 am you see different stalls and during night time,

Sellers and vendors are busting at 6am till evening.

In Pratunam, at day, sellers are more impatient than night vendors.

Oposite Pratunam, Platinum Fashion mall is there waiting for shoppers who want to pay using credit cards.

The price in Platinum Mall will be multiply x2 when comes to price. Quality wise, they are all the same.

Then price between Bobae is about 20% higher in Pratunam.

If you get lucky they will give a little more if discounts as long as you buy more than 3.

You are not allowed to try on or even when after you paid it.

Now, you are so done with Shopping. How you can send it to your buyers overseas?

Sending out a package from Bangkok I taught is a nightmare.

But thankful it is not that complicated at all.

I have search and compare between DHL and EMS.

Dhl cost double the price compare to EMS Bangkok

There are many Thailand post everywhere.

I have sent a package weighing 20 kilograms via EMS and costed BHT 3,250.00

What’s Best?

If the goods are heading to the same direction like you do, bring it with you and get extra luggage.

I send mine to Philippines and it was fine.


You provably want to know how long will it take to arrived with your package destinations?

According to Thailand post- EMS

It will take 5 to 7 working days.

So, basically if you are a purchaser for your customers, you can tell them how long it will take to arrived.

Happy shopping!

If you are looking for a person to shop for you in Bangkok or Vietnam, do let me know.






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