At this moment, I am in Koh Lipe Thailand. It reminds me of Boracay in the Philippines.

The fine white sand beach and the calmness of the sea flowing back and forth to the beach line. (Pattaya Beach)

Tonight I have seen the nice sunset because we move to a villas in the other side of the pattaya beach. 

Pattaya beach is not in Pattaya Thailand- they call the beach pattaya where I believe the sun sets in this side and the other side of the beach has Sunrise and the beach side over there is Sunrise beach.

They like to sank boats in sunrise beach. Ha ha ha!

This image was taken in Sealavie bar in sunrise beach. The waves in Sunrise is stronger than in Pattaya beach where we stayed.

Sun Sets in Pattaya

Though it is nothing compare to the sunset of Boracay but still beautiful on its own.

The powdery white sand is just like Boracay.

Super fine and nice to walk barefoot on it.

Local and International Food available.

Somehow, because this is already a popular island, seems to be as there were many western tourists I see to this point of time when I’m here, food is not a problem.

Big villas, resort, hotel and hostels are available. Get 10% cash rebates if you use this Link. 

Shoping for some local sovienirs are available too in Walking Street.

There is something for everyone in this island.

How did we get here?

Me and my husband drove our car from Singapore to Wang Kelian immigration – border of Malaysia and Thailand.

Wang Kelian is also the closest border to Koh Lipe.

If you guys happen to be coming to Thailand, you like to consider Koh Lipe.

Away from traffic short and easy walk along the beach.

Kids can play sand castles ad the adults drinks beer etc.

What I notice?

I notice some kind of smell from certain areas as I walk passed. The drainage from the toilet with both hotels we stayed has some similar smells when I was in Boracay before it was seased for cleaning.

Somehow, someday, hopefully it will not turn like the seawage problem in Boracay for Koh Lipe.

We hope for the best and we can do our part as a tourist to re use our towels as long as we can.

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