A TOURIST IN SAIGON (What’s Best and What’s Not)

I am a tourist in Saigon from Singapore.

My happy moments in Hanoi made me visit Ho Chi Minh City or to some people like me, I prefer to call it “Saigon”.

It’s kind of reminded me about Ms Saigon MISS LEA SALONGA

If you are interested to go to Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon, these are the places I visited:

(Though everyone of us are different of likes and dislikes, I am only sharing you my opinion as travelers perspectives.)

  1. Caravelle Hotel Rooftop Bar called Saigon Saigon Rooftop

I find this place more relaxing. Not so loud. You can have a conversation normally. The only time the bar gets loud a little was when there was a live band singing.

2. Top of Liberty Building called ABOVE” – Though they played good music, they have a good DJ’s in this place.

The place i find it hot. I think because it is on a high floor, the glass fences make it warm and humid as not much of a wind blowing in.

Located at Liberty Central Saigon City Center.


3. CHILL Bar on top of Capella building.

If you see that Building that has (CAPELLA) in it, this bar is on top of that building.

I must say, that the service here were very poor. Or perhaps, you may like it as they don’t force you to buy and buy drinks.


You need to look for them when you want to a drink. The service crews were just standing next to the bar and talking to each other.

If you need a drink, help yourself to the bar counter. But the view here can be nice. It was a little raining and cloudy when I went here but the skyline neon lights were fantastic.

4. Walking Street

When I visited here at one Tuesday evening, this walking street were so loud. One bar after the other and seems like a competition of who is the loudiest music played.

Find a Hostel in HCM Walking Street Here

If you like backpacking, this is the best place to stay as there are may hostels here.

The top image is the Entrance of the street or would rather say, the other end of the street.

Perhaps if you can remember Miss Saigon the Movie, this maybe named after that. This place has one of the loudest music too.


5. Pasteur street

In this street, like walking street- many bars and girls. But not as loud as walking street.

The girls were just sitting outside the bar. They are not 




6. Street Food Market

If you are into some good price food, local food as well as western but in really local price, you have to come here.

Located just in district one near Ben Than Market.

Like many tourists do, I was also doing some sight seeing such as Mekong Delta floating market and Cu Chi Tunnels as well as tour around the city.

Basically You do not waste your money to do touring around the city with a tour agency. Do it on you own. I paid 540 thousand dong and it was a rip off. Yes, comfort with Car instead of walking but that was it.

All information inside the opera house, war meuseume and other places to visit has all information it it.

As for mekong Delta floating market where no market only junk boats – honey bee tour and blah blah, it was kind of boring for me as I have seen mekong river before.

Cruising into river of Mekong Delta, doing a little sight seeing but only for you to buy those honey and some rice crackers, etc,  and after that, you have to give tip to the boatman.

Prepare to give tip to all of your tour guide too if you are happy.

I was happy with Rio. He is a good tour guide in Cu Chi Tunnels but the tour guide I had with City tour was a lazy one. I cannot recommend you any tour agency because I did not like mine. It was too costly. I heard from others, they pay only Dong 280K instead of Dong 540 for mine.


Best is download the GRAB APP. It is common to use this grab app in the city. Becuase the normal Taxi is kind of expensive.

Grab motorbike I paid a few times for only 10 thousand dong per trip. Please give a little more if you can.

(This is Ben Than Market facing A&EM Hotel. 

I stayed at District 1. Mostly likely convenient to walk around.


  1. STREET FOOD MARKET – is where the most tourist go. It is place to meet new people in this area. Aside from food locals and international, the drinks like beer cost you Vietnam Dong 25,000.00
  2. Pizza 4P’s – Located along the street where Street food market is ( DISTRICT 1). Right at the junction. Look on your right corner if you come from the main road. You will notice it as many people will be waiting in line  by the entrance near the road side to get their table.  This place accommodate fine and not fine dining though. Great service and good food.
  3. THE DECK – The Deck is far out from District 1. About 20 to 30 minutes by taxi – depending on the traffic and time you go. 


This is the Deck- Located along Saigon River. Very relaxing to dine here. The food is also especial here. I was here with my husband and we order their special meal from appetiser to desserts.

Well, these are all I could share with you. The rest to share is a video which you can see it here below.

I do hope you like and you share it to someone maybe interested.

As always,

Elvie (Eve) Lins

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