My Visit to Cu Chi Tunnels – (Vietnam)

The Cu Chi Tunnels – Sadness during the war still exist until today.

This is the video footage I created about Cu Chi Tunnels

It was an interesting day for me and my husband to visit the war zone between Vietnam and America.

Little that I know about Vietnam. A country which I never thought of coming to visit as a tourist.

Many of Asians I supposed, want to see Europe or America.

The very first time I visited Hanoi in May this year had left me a great memory.

So when my husband says, we go to see Ho Chi Minh City- I did not hesitate, I was even excited!

At this time of Visit- there was a Big event for The people. The Suzuki soccer Footbal Match between Malaysia and Vietnam.

A big monitor displays at Saigon Time Square were sets for the people to watch the game.

Cu Chi tunnels is about 2 hours drive by tour bus from Saigon city.

Our first stop was to see the Home of The Victims from AGENT ORANGE.

The people that works here were affected by the Chimicals called AGENT ORANGE.

This was a kind of Chemicals used to attack and damage the life of many Vietnamese during the war and even until today, still remains, pass on from Generation to Generations.

After the stop, it took about 50 Minutes to reach to Cu Chi Tunnels ticketing both.

It was a Sunday, so there were many tourists around.

This is Rio, our tour guide. Very knowledgeable to explain us what happen in Cu Chi Tunnels.

Cu Chi Tunnels were made like a spider web

According to Rio The Guide, Cu Chi Tunnels is like a spider webb, there is no actual point where we can call The meeting point.

It is not known until today how the Vietcong really communicate in such a way that they can meet in a particular time and place.

One thing for sure, the war live many sorrows, heartache , destroy the lives of many and even until today due to ORANGE AGENT EFFECT AFTER WAR.

It is good to learn all these information told by Rio but it create some heartache and emotions for me. After all, we are human.


A few from our group including me, we experienced the Tunnel of about 100 meters walking and gliding inside. The tunnel was modified already for the tourist so it was an easy through it.

After the tour in Cu Chi tunnels, we head back to Saigon via motor boat.

It took about 1.5 hours from Cu Chi to Saigon by boat.

How much was The costs of this half day trip?

Tour bus pick up from hotel – Vietnam Dong = 440 per person.

The boat ride back to Saigon was optional. You can get the same bus as you go to Cu chi without extra cost.

The boat ride cost us $18 USD per person.

Was it worth your money?

That really depends on you. For us, It was worth to learn. Though We will not do it again. One time was enough.

Our trip was book at #KimTravel. Maybe you can find more cheaper fees, I am not sure.

Basically, I like comfort when I travel.

Hope you enjoy reading my travel today.

As always, happy to be your servant.




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