This is a Hostel But it has MORE to offer- Cheap and Good! Only in Chengdu

Hey everyone,

Perhaps in point of time, you may awaken into a city of Chengdu China? Here is a hotel I can recommend you.

Chengdu best hostel in town

Located in the city center of Chengdu. Walking distance to main shopping center.

When comes to food, you never go hunger.

They serve you Chinese and Western food.

This is a sample of food/ meal from this Hostel.

Sample of Menu

If your stomach is not suitable for hot and spicy, no worries. Flipflop sure has something you like.

Food in China can be annoying specially you just came from Many sightseeing in the mountain of Sichuan.

fruit stands and market down by the entrance of the hostel

Below the Hostel, there are fruit market you could grab.

Local food and restaurant are also available.

What about the bedroom?

If you are on a budget, there is a sharing room of 4. But sometimes, it can only just be you alone in the room.

My husband and I stayed here 3 nights in 2 Separate bed but it was not a problem. It cost us RMB700 with 3 days breakfast for both of us.

There is a king size bed too when we came back from our long adventure trip in Sichuan Province, we stayed another 1 night that cost as RMB 250 with breakfast for 2. Super clean and comfortable.


Hot water? Grrr!!! You need it when you come in winter time and Flipflop has it.


They call it The Square.

In the square, there are big names of brands from around the world.

the Mall

Join some activity in the early evening.

Ask for some activity they may have and learn new skills. They also arrange short and long tour for you.

What’s the address?


TEL: 028-62500185

I book it through booking dot com sight and If you could use my link I would be thankful as I will be getting a very little commission with it.

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