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As we drove back to Chengdu from Songpan Sichuan province in China

My dear friends and readers,

We are now back again in Chengdu the capital city of Sichuan province here in China.

From Songpan to Chengdu with our private driver and his car, started the trip at 9:45 AM, arrived in our hotel FlipFlop at 4 pm.

It was an easy journey cruising along the valley and rivers. We only stop 1 hour to have a quick lunch in Maoxian town.

At the beginning of the trip, it was so cold like minus 6 from Songpan town. Then we cruise over the mountain with so much snow and the road was’t in good shape.

But I must admitt that our trip were in good hands and our driver is a good driver too. Though he doen’t speak English. With my little few mandarin words and bad words, we understand each other.

On this image, my husband is on the left, the driver on the middle and our family friend Steven on the right.

Above is the driver phone number in China.

Behind them is his car. This car is comfortable enough for 3 of us.

Steven sits in the front and me and husband sats at the back.

The driver can be contacted via wechat.

Best is to translate your message in Chinese if possible. We love our travel/journey in China.

I will have more videos coming on my youtube channel. Please find me at

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❤️love always,


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