Things to Do In Songpan

Hello everyone,

We stayed 2 nights in Songpan old town.

Of all the town we visited, Songpan is my favourite town.

(This is the entrance oldest building when you enter Songpan town by night).

It is small, but yet there is western food serve in a few fast food shop and restaurant.

Good coffee is serve in few corners too.

(Look of Entrance to the old town by day)

A few shopping such as clothing and so many fruits along the road side are up for grabs and it is cheap

The reason we stayed here is for us to see the Huanglong Nature park, the Mounigou waterfall and Jade Lake.

Huanglong Nature Park

Huanglong has a many big and small ponds.

At this time we were here, it is almost dry and icey.

However, we still able to see the beauty of Huanglong nature park.

2 nights was good enough for us.

In Mounigou Waterfall

This waterfall is pretty and has a long stretch to walk down to see the over all fall.

It took us about 2 hour from the start to finish.Walking up and to walk down back to the car park.

My best moment in Mounigou Waterfall is the streams of water flowing between the trees.

Jade lake

Of all this 3 nature I mentions here, Jade lake fascinates me much of the colours. No wonder it is name Jade lake.

These are the most and best 3 things you can do when you are in Songpan.

Of course, do not missed out the shopping for winter clothes.

They are reasonable in price and quality. Just do not buy fake brand name bags.

This is the place we stayed in Songpan. ( will follow up the correct address)

From Songpan, our 10 Day tour with rented car that cost as RMB 750 per day indeed and we will be back to Chengdu, get our flight there to Singapore.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

As always❤️ elvie lins


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