Beautiful Waterfall of Mounigou and Erdaohai-Jade Lake In Songpan Sichuan China

We are now in Songpan and this will be our last 3 days remaining prior to heading back to Singapore.

Erdaohai- Jade Lake Songpan

We visited today 2 sightseeing area nearby Songpan. Above image of me is the Jade Lake in Erdaohai. It is not far from Songpan town or county.

It is really so beautiful here. That image you see is unedited.

Though it was snowy at this time of visit. It could have been more beautiful if the colour of the trees were Autumn. The colourful season has ended, yet the beauty of this nature touches my heart.

The water is so clear. Even this area were also hit by the earthquake they have had recently.

Mounigou Waterfall

The beauty of this waterfall is amazing long. I have not been to Canada to see the Niagara falls So I cannot compare. But this fall is long and the falls were very scenic. The path to walk is no problem. It was just when our time of visit , it was icy on the pathway.

You would be mismerized by the beauty of this water fall too as we walk down back to the entrance, the trees that grows into the water with the sun lighted throught creates the amazing effect in a picture.

We have now settled for the evening in a small friendly hotel in Songpan town. I am very happy that I could eat my salad and chicken.

You can see on the building name Sarah Yang. Sarah run a hotel too with a reasonable cost.

Our bed with private bathroom cost 150 Rmb. Sarah speaks English and serve Western food too.

On the other image is my friend Steven who is travellijg with me and my hubby. That is the old town of Songpan. Songpan is very dramatic town.

Tomorrow is our second day in Songpan, we will be going up to Huanglong. I will be posting more story of our trip from Haunglong.



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3 comments on “Beautiful Waterfall of Mounigou and Erdaohai-Jade Lake In Songpan Sichuan China


The Mounigou Jade waterfall looks stunning. Was there any issues with Stagnent water or is it as clean and clear as it looks in the image Elvie?


The water is very clean. The colour of the water, I believed is a reflections from the light that fall to the water. Remember the sun has 7 spectral colour? Perhaps thats why.

It is so beautiful. Jade Lake is amazing.


There was no problem at all. No mosquitoes which normally for stagnant water there will be some kind of insects, this one does not have.

Hey, thank you very much for coming by.


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