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From Danba Driving Through Aba- Xiaojin Mountain – Sichuan Province In China

From Danba Town we stayed in this town for 2 nights. This is now our Day 8 on travelling into Sichuan Province of China.

We hit the road heading And leaving the Tibetian County. Basically we drove a round over the mountain of Aba and Xiaojin direction to Wenchuan town which is very close to Chengdu.

We passing through snowy mountain and villages. The villages were a lot of butchering with animal like cow and goats for food. It was brutal to see when you are not use to some scene.

We stop for the night in Wenchuan City or shall I call it town? Quiet a big town with shopping malls.

Today, we will be heading to Lixian- Songpan. From there we will see more view of the mountain park.

Hope you enjoy the story.


❤️elvie lins

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