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In China – Tagong and Danba Day 6 Adventure

My Dear Friends,

Today, we are on Day 6 here in China.

It is freezing cold since day 4 as we enter Luding town.

From Xingduqiao town overnight, the following morning we head to Tagong, a very Tibetian town.

I was able to capture one image of this Monk as he walk towards me. I must admit that Iphone XS max did a great job in capturing this image.

We went inside the temple and just out of curucity, just took a snapshots of them. I know I shouldn’t. But if you see one Monk on this image is holding and reading his phone. It means to me that everyone these days are living in latest technologies.

Above image is a beautiful Temple after Tagong. This is called The Grand Monastery

As we drove heading to Danba, were passing through mountains with stones that has many letters encryption on it.

According to our Driver, this place is a holy mountain. It was beautiful to see.

My friends, this is all for today and hope you enjoy reading.

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Thank you as always.

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