My Fear Factor for Food in China and Day 4 & 5 Tour

Hello friends,

In our day 4 and 5, we rented a car from Chengdu that cost 750 China currency per day with the Driver. A foriegner is not alowed to drive in China. Unless you need to apply for a provesional driver license in China which you need to prepare prior of coming here in China. We drove to Luding and Moxi.

Driving from Chengdu on a highway took us about 7 hours with stops in between.

In Luding, we have to cross the bridge to see a small village. This Bridge shakes like a washing machine.

Along the alley of Luding, there were vendors of fruits and loads of different kinds of animals. I spotted this Geko. (Oh my Budha)!

This is Moxi town. Very colourfull.

I have a fear of eating the food here. If we order a chicken, it looks like not a chicken. I cannot explain the look.

Below, is a slice of a pork belly. The only recognizable food I can see is pork.

This is Pau Below image, has a meat inside or can be a bean paste. But sometimes, I question, it can be anything inside.

From here, we went up by bus to Cauhaizi Moraine Lake and to see Hailougou Glacier.

At the Moraine Lake, the walk was beautiful.

My friend Steven did The Tai Chee in the middle of super clean air Moraine Lake.

This is the place I’ve ever inhale and experience the lightiest ever air. So pure! So Clean.

This is another kindnof meat selling on the street. Head of a rabbit is a delicacies in chengdu and provinces.

Upon coming down from Haicaizou Glazier, we drove to Kangding. Seems like a big city.

In this town we check in and sleep overnight.

Had a kind of breakfast that we are most familiar.

Visited the temple in Kangding.

After that we drove now to Xinduqiao

Along the way, we stop a Tibetian temple and a place called Mount Zedua. It is pretty. An altitude of 4000 meters above sea level as on my watch.

This is a steps to walk up to the Mount Zedua. It was windy and minus -6 degree. I am not prepare for the weather so I feel dizzy.

After our stop here, we head direction to Xinduqiao as planned.

We decided to stay here overnight in a Tibetian Village of Xinduqiao.

Seems that food wise is almost the same.

Luckily there is rice. In just five days, I could not seems to see and eat the same food. This is sometime the problem of traveling, if we have to have certain food to eat.

It is why, I title this post My fear factor for food.

Lastly, I live you this image a view from my hotel window.

By the way guys, I am writing on my mobile and some photos I notice is not correctly placed in my previous posts.I think images is too large.

There is no facebook, gmail whatsapp and messenger here in China.

I can open steemit website though.

See you in my next post.



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