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Hello Guys,

Visited the Famous Narrow Alley and people’s park here in Chengdu.

Narrow Alley

I can see that Narrow Alley is very famous. Coffee and tea houses as well as loads of food in every corner.

It Is a narrow street indeed and so much happening here.

So much food that I could not resist trying them.

The one I am eating is like a sticky rice ball with the dark sweet sauce. The best part is it is thrown over the powder with a sounds.

It was delicious! Oishi!

However, there were heads of many kinds of animal that is for sale as food such as in this below:

If you look at the image, it is a nose of a pig.

Chinese likes to eat head of an animal. (I think so).

Though some foriegners were willing to try.

Here are some images i took in Narrow alley.

This lady is playing an interesting instrument.

The famous starbucks is here.

But the funny wise is opesite starbucks, you will see this…

Yes, its read Almost starbucks..

Sure I will not miss the Sichuan green tea. It taste lovely.


In people’s park, there were so many beautiful flower displays.

There were a few men gathered to play games too along the bench.

Interesting what the game is like.

Inside people’s park, you can have tea time.

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