Chengdu Panda Research Center & Big Budha in Leshan

Hey you guys,

Today is our day one in Chengdu.

Beautiful city indeed.

Panda Research Center cost Yuan currency 498 Per person, only 4 of us in a private car with Driver and the driver is also the tour guide.

Panda research center is not far from Chengdu town.

This beautiful panda posing for us. Just a cute little thing.

These 2 pandas are similar to Fox family.

There were about 180 pandas in this center according to our guide.

I ask, are there any plans to cross breed the 2 panda? (Red and Giant)

Out of cureucity, I asks. No, not at this moment. The Giant pandas and red pandas are not in the same genetics.

But the word “panda”- is already similar with Giant and Red, isn’t it?

But of course, everything is possible in China.

Panda both red and giant thier main food is bamboo. It is why many wild pandas were dying in the wild due to hunger.

By right, panda has an appetite for meat, but becuase they do not hunt or lazy to look for meat, they consider themselves vegetarian by just eating bamboo.

Panda also have a lifespan of 37 years old or less.

That’s to prove that human and animal or living things should keep doing or moving to live long.


This is the entrance to panda research Center.

Leshan Big Budha

From Panda reserach center, it took 2.5 hours Drive by car that was arrange included with the Yuan currency 498 with 4 person in the car plus driver who is also a tour guide.

At this time when we got here, the big budha is still under construction.

We were not inform in advance but it is basically fine.

This is the entrance to Leshan Big Budha.

You will go up to the top and there is a temple and where the head of the Big Budha is base. The food is basically on the river bed.

According to our guide , this big giant Budha was place here to protect disaster from coming in. The Budha is facing the joining of 3 rivers

This river has 3 points. When you stands from the top of the shoulder of Big budha, you’ll see the City view of Leshan Town.

There are so many beautiful things to see on the top of big budha.

I am fascinated with how the architectures is being made here.

You can write some wishes or dedication on the wall too. I wish for @steemit that it will stay and survive and I wrote my steemit name too in case you happen to come here.

As we head down, we were approach with some kids to have photograpls taken with them.

So it was a great day.

Hope you enjoy the story today.



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