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Arrival in Chengdu China – Read this!

Hello Everyone,

Arrived today in Chengdu. We are right now staying in a place right in the center of chengdu called FlipFlop Poshpacker. Right in the center town and it is walking distance to malls and eating places.

Upon check in, the hotel were celebrating Hallowen and we some fun and we’ve got to taste the famous hotpot Sichuan style.

This hotpot is super biting spicy and burning to my lips.

You see the image above, we met new friends again.

The trip from Singapore to Chengdu was smooth 4 hours.

Things to note when you arrive at the airport.

Aside from having your China Visa,

Your Finger print is also needed. All of your fingers.

The airport was organise and clean.

There are people who speaks English too.

However, most People specially the Taxi Drivers do not know English, so be aware of your hotel direction and try to write the address in chinese if you can.

The Map to show the driver is important.


Walk to the taxi stands ahead of the exit because it is run with meter reading.

We paid 70.00 Yuan from Chengdu Airport to town. The real public taxi is safer and are most honest too.

Hope that helps.

Let me know if you guys need help.


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