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If you guys can see the side below the arms, it is actually bulging.

I start to become workaholic again.

Setting infront of computer.

Eating late at night

Drinking wine.

Less exercise for just 2 weeks.

That’s what happen.

Here are more photos of me

I have gain about 3 kilos. That is too fat.

Basically, it is easy to loose weight.

What we need is a Decipline

1 Cut down on salt

2. Remove sugary food.

3. No sauces on your food

4. Avoid bad carbo such as white bread, heavy fake glutenated rice.

5. Try to avoid stress

6. Sleep 7 to 8 hours

7. Keep moving such as exercising every single day.

8. Have a goal and target when you want to achieve it.


I will be doing that again.

I was overwhelmed with being an english teach really.

It is fun to be working again.

But I cannot go on being a workaholic.

We all need balance.

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