If We Think It’s Tough, It will be Tough. We need a MOTIVATION

Hey Everyone,

Just a Quick MOTIVATION from me to You today.

A western couple went in to the gym where I was at 30 minutes ago.

Both couple took a 10 Kg Hand weights and a 20kg in pairs.

Place the hand weights on the floor next to their towels and bags.

But?… Both went to the trade mills.

After just 5 minutes or so, the man came down from the trade mills. Was busy with his phone as he looked at it (I assume).

Back to trade mills again and 5 minutes later both hold the hand weights and start to pose like squats and hands in the air.

Maybe about 3 minutes, the man did the push ups on the floor.

2 or 3 push ups From the man- the couple decided to leave. Though they do not look like they were in a hurry.

To me, I think spending 20 minutes in the Gym plus more time on the phone means nothing.

However, the couple looks like they just started or perhaps it was their first day going to the Gym.

Besides, this couple looks like they both really need to exercise… really!



1. If you would asks me, simply because I love eating.

Eating makes me happy.

However, I like to keep fit too as I like to look great when I am wearing a dress.

2. Second thing that motivates me is I am afraid of getting CANCER.

3. I feel much happier after exercise.

Many casual friends and customers from my business died of cancer.

A close Friend died of Breast cancer a few days ago.

That gives me motivation in Going To The Gym.


I still cannot understand some people why taking time to even drive to the gym and yet just spending so short time.

To me, at least an hour focus to exercise at least.

Forget about your phone. (Bloody gadgets these days)

Why do you think the western couple left the gym without a drop of a sweat?

Life can be very tough if we think it is.

If I am in the Gym, I listen to a pumping Gym Music that keeps me kicking and doing set ups, push ups, carry weights and all sort of what’s available.

CONCENTRATE AND FOCUS ARE 2 keys to keep me going.

Thinks of a reward, think of how you would sleep better, look great and feel great if you do exercise.

🤗 I hope that motivates you my friends.

Connect me with me.

Here is my lemon story.

As always,



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