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The Way To A Man’s Heart is Through His Stomach? (Beef Ribs Recipe)

Hey everyone,

Would you like to know how to make Beef Ribs recipe?

My Husband Ate 2 servings with this and it is full goodness.

I use 4 beef ribs with meat of about 1.5 Kilos including the bones.

1 yellow Onion and some garlic.

Using vegetable broth, I boiled the ribs with yelllow onion and garlic for 1 hour until the meat is tender.

I added some potatoes.

At the last 2 minutes of cooking, I added few asparagus sticks.

If you like the sauce to be thick, you can add half teaspoon of corn starch.

Adjust the taste by adding some pepper and salt.

Sure your meat lover hubby will love this.

Let me know if you have any questions.



please note , I am just a house Wife, trying to be a good one. I cook for my Husband as I need him to eat much healthier.

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