Some Food to Try Out When In Malaysia and Singapore

Hey everyone,

Today, I visited to Desaru – East Coast part of Johor Bahru here in Malaysia.

It was a 1.5 hour drive from Johor Bahru Liesure Farm resort.

Stop by for lunch at one of the seafood restaurant in Desaru.

As I thought maybe many of my readers are living in USA, Europe and other parts of the world who may not familiar with some Asian Food.

So here, I like to Introduce you to some food you may and should try when you are in Singapore or Malaysia.

We started with Water melon Juice. It was 1 pm and I was super hungry to be exact.

Then we had a bowl of Japanese Squids Salad. But this taste terrible. I did not like the sauce. Perhaps, should rather call it Malaysia style squid salad.

Then the Kway Teow. (Flat white or glass noodles) cooked and fried with shrimp.

If you like noodles, try this one, because this is better than the yellow noodle. It is nice when it has some shrimps in it and a little bit of chilli.

This is garlic tiger prawns.

Fried Garlic were sprinkled on top and taste perfect with lemon juice squeezed on it.

Next dish is called kangkong blachan. – this dish is with cooked seasoned chilli.

Then we had this Pepper Crab as our final dish.

But this crab is not fresh. It has been dried out inside its shell. You can tell it is been frozen for Long period of time.

Eating in Malaysia and eating seafood in Singapore at seafood restaurant, I can tell that Singapore still serve the best cooking for crabs- chilli or pepper and other kinds of seafood.

Best place I can recommend is at Singapore East Coast Park. Jumbo, and many other seafood restaurant along East Coast Park in Singapore.

However, please do try many seafood and other kinds of Asian food when you happen to be in Singapore and Malaysia.

Thank you for connecting with me.



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