4 Toxic Skincare Ingredients To Avoid

Dear friends,

If you are a person who do not use any skin care at all, good for you.

But please inform those friends of yours who maybe using one or more of this toxic ingredients.


Mercury in skincare and cosmetics are very poisonous to our body. It is harmful to the skin even when it is use in Low concentration, can cause your kidney to impair.


Hydroquinone is very commonly use in the Philippines for whitening and b retinioc acid in many scam care.

HYDROQUINONE cause redness and blister on your skin. It can also lead to cancer for unsupervised of use.


Mostly use to treat severe acne.

Skin drying and redness is most common side effect and prolong use can may cause cancer.

If you cannot avoid product containing tretenoin, then it is best to use it under medical supervision


This ingredients is widely use in treating itchy or busting sensation on the skin.

Diphenhydramine is like a Benadryl cough medicine we mostly use in the Philippines.

Diphenhydramine side effects which I am very worried about is getting blurred vision. There are many others severe side effects such as drowsiness, constipation and many more.

I am one of those before who uses products contents one or more of the ingredients I just mention.

I hope it reaches you this article and you will stop using skincare products that contents those 4 ingredients.

Thank you and please live your comment, say something or leave a comment please.

Thankful each day.

Love Eve

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