Knowing Singapore (Changi Village)

My friends,

I like to tour you around Changi Village in Singapore in this article.

In this Village, you can still see traditional black and white houses or to some, they call it the colonial house.

Image source from Property Guro

The Colonial houses was the home to many British during war.

The Super narrow 34 golf course with 9 hole to walk were also exists in Changi Village.

This is the site to the Golf club

My most favourite in Changi Village is the sea side walk path.

A good decent walking along the park will consume you about an hour an half of fast walk both side. I cannot recall the kilometre anymore but I know it was really a great place to go on running  or fast walking either in early morning or late afternoon.

Do not walk between 7.30 am to 5pm as the sun gets super hot and you might feel exhausted.

However, there is something that I got notice which seems not right.


The idea to allow public to rent it were Super excellent to me. But the problem is, seems this is lacking of management when comes to organise parking spaces around Singapore.

I see this along the road.


Looks like people borrow it or rent it and it allow them to just dump anywhere.

I find it annoying to see them in resent months just anywhere and everywhere in Changi Village as well as other areas of Singapore and even by the traffic lights I sees them.

But I also read from a local news that Singapore Authority requested those operator to ceased immediately.

What a pity for the company who run this  business.

ON THE OTHER HAND, as you walk early enough in Changi Village Park, you will be able to catch the sunrise such as these images below:

I passed this tree and spotted the sun.

This is a Long stretch walk by the sea side of Changi Village Park.

There is a passage area where smaller pump boats parked in Changi Village too.

Like this one, you’ll see it just next to the shop houses and HDB’s ( HOME and DEVELOPMENT BOARD). This is like Low cost Singapore public housing which is only Singaporean can own. However, a permanent resident can own a second hand but not the newly build HDB. (As in my understanding since years of living in Singapore).

Not to missed, food are everywhere in Changi Village.

Some food stalls were open as early as 7 am. After your done with a Long run by the park, you can replace your energy with some yummy local food in Changi Village.

There is a Brewery in the area, I am sorry to say that not only that service is damn lousy, i was served with a cold meal.

I will not recommend you going to this brewery store.

Super expensive and service is Super bad.

Well, we live simple in life. My purpose is to share you what I have gone through and I will not hesitate to share reality with you.

Please do share, comment, likes if you think I am worth with this article.

As always,

Elvie Lins

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