Hello my Friends and Readers,

Many of you may wonder what Am I talking about.


Just like facebook, steemit is also a blogging and social networking site that able us to post articles, images, etc.

The only differences is that, our posts are stored im a blockchain.

We are getting rewards, by posting content on steemit.

I will be leaving the link below for you to find out more.

For now, please I beg you to continue reading.


It has been 173 days for me on steemit blogging website.

I write short and long post.

My articles get upvoted,

I have develope over 700 followers.

I have build my reputation this time.

It feels like you belong to a kind of activity that you can call you are belong to.

Just like here in wordpress, not long ago I have started to comment and like other posts and You guys return to like and comment my posts too.

🙏 thank you.

There are something that motivates me in writing on Steemit platform.

I have to be honest with you… I write becuase I am worthy.

Worthy of being upvoted.

These rewards then can turn into cash which pays for my website maintenance and so on.

May not be that big now.

But if you can see that image, I am gaining some steem and steem dollars.

A steem and steem dollars are crypto currency for steemit.

Yes, all other currencies were all down now. (mostly).

No excuses for steem and steem dollars.

I am sharing this information with you becuase I strongly believed that Crypto currencies will recover and only those who can sustained are those who has REAL VALUE to give back to community.

Here is the Steemit website link I promised.

No, it is not a referral link.

Well, my friends,

mostly my articles are about TRAVELS & LIFESTYLE.

Thank you for reading.

❤️ Love,

Elvie Lins

You have any questions about this blog?

Give me a shout!!! Elvie!!!!!!!!





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