#Health – What We Eat Is What Our Body Become

My dearest Friends and readers,

3 weeks in Mindanao Philipines and eating Filipino food with lots of rice and salty dishes made me bloated fast.

Time To Do Some Recovery. This is what this article about.

This Idea was just given to me by a close friend and because it works on me very well and herby I am sharing you this and I am hoping you get my message if it is your case to wanting a healthy lifestyle.

This is not the first time I talk about the goodness of drinking HOT lemon water.

1 lemon juice added with warm water.

I drink it with an empty stomach when I just got up few minutes in the morning.

When I have this lemon water- it feels so clean inside my tummy as it really washes and cleanses what was left inside that makes my stomach bloated and feeling full.

After 8 to 10 minutes of drinking HOT lemon water, It’s important to eat as in my case, I feel hungry and I cannot get hungry due to gastritis symptoms will occur.

Having lemon water when you have food already is pointless. It should be taken in the morning with an empty stomach.

The lemon water should works like to clean our GUT

Having a clean GUT will lead to a clean our over all system.

Having hot lemon water each morning before eating meals can may help clean the entire body and therefore we are far away from getting deadly deseases. ( I am not an expert, but I think of a initiative possible idea)


In the morning, I like sweet or fruity things like an avocado.

Avocado has an anti bacterial effect that refreshes bad breath.

Avocado has many healthy benefits.

I love eathing Oats for breakfast because it contains loads of fiber and other benefits like it is easily digest. I love the idea that I have carbs in the morning to last me at till lunch time.

Adding Fat Yogurt and Fresh full cream milk into my morning food with honey makes my breakfast fully complete.

Black brewed coffee is must for me to completely awake in the morning. No sugar and No Milk.

This is mostly my morning routine.

I am sharing this with you and hoping you get some idea in living a healthy YOU today!

There are thousands of ways to eating Right!

Pick a few that suites you best and keep you in shape!

Love always…

Eve (Elvie Lins)

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