The Hidden Waterfalls In Compostella Valley in Laac – Mindanao Philippines

My dear Friends and readers,

I have this footage that i was hesitating to share becuase it is not well captured.

However, I really love to share this video with you becuase it is such a beautiful nature.

I spent my Birthday here in this beautiful nature.

Located in Southern Philippines- Compostella Valley on a far away small town of Laac.

Even, there is no name yet of this waterfalls.

May not be the Maria Christina falls but it was so beautiful when I got here.

Sorounded with giant stones and sharp rocks.

Yet, the overall athmosphere impresess me.

The fresh water was so cooling. I can smell even the fresh oxygen running through my skin.

I cannot imagine being here in this waterfalls during my birthday.

If only my mum still around in this world, I would be happy to build her a home next to this waterfalls.

So, I thought of sharing this footage with you and hoping you too feels what I had experienced.

The beauty of Natures, awaits you in the Philippines.





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