A Tale Of Dinagat Island

My friends and readers,

From Davao City, I joined a local group who organise trips by land here in Mindanao.

We went to Dinagat Island.

It is about 12 hours by car with stops in between.

The road is pretty good I must say.

Dinagat Island is the South side of Mindanao.

From Davao City, we had a long drive direction to Surigao City.

The island Dinagat is only known mostly to Filipinos.

I wonder why?

Dinagat island has many little islands.

We had a short tour in San Jose Dinagat Island whereby strange Church and Castle own by a group of PBMA. Philippine Benevolent Mission Association. I rather not tell you about this group becuase it is the wierdest I have ever discover.

We finally get out of San Jose and we head to Duyos beach. We also slept overnight here.

This beach is clean. only one family living here that caters the guests.

There are Nipa Huts and you are allowed to tent here.

The second island we went was HAGAKHAK ISLAND.

Hagakhak is a Bisayan words. It translate to “LAUGTER”

It is weird formation of Rocks you see here.

It looks like a Blades or Slabs file of Rocks.

The next Island we went is went was “ISLA AGA”

This island has an abandoned little house on the top of the hill.

Below this the hills, there were many sharp rocks like a labbyrinth.

The Next little island we went was Pangabangan beach.

Inside this beach has a blue lagoon.

Partly blue on the deep side of lagoon.

The water is clean and fresh.

On the next day, we went on a 45 minutes Hike to “BABABU LAKE”

Own by a family LANGIT


A strange place Lake BABABU. There were unknown strangers (not like us after 11:am).

All those Islands I mention were very far from each other.

You need to have a boat that brings you arround. Impossible to reach out by land.

What’s My Conclusions?

I don’t really recommend coming here if you are from far away.

For those who wants a relaxing holiday and need a private land on your own, Yes you can come here.

Best is to come by plane and flight to Surigao.

Coming here in Dinagat from Davao by car is tiring. It is too far. It is not worth the travel.

However, if you are an explorer, and have all the time, take the time to explore Dinagat Island.

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