The Sulfataric Volcano In Mindanao Philippines – MOUNT APO

My dear Friends,

I finally hike up the sulfataric and potentially active volcano of Mindanao Philippines.

Do You Know?

Tales of Mount Apo:

‘A wife called Apo in a nearby village was killed by her husband as she had an affair with another man’


Another story:

An old man called APO ADOK living in this mountain. He requested that when He dies, he has to be burried in the mountain’ it is why this mountain called in his name APO.

No matter what’s the truth is, only the lefend knows.

Our drop off was Kapatagan- this town is about 2 hours by Van from Davao City.

Now our journey begins here:

From Kapatagan, we started our hike. Passing through the villages with wide vegetation.

After 2 hours of hike, we arrived at the campsite 1 where we spend 2 nights here.

On that dawn of August 16, we hike up to Summit of Mount Apo.

The weather wasn’t cooperative with us.

Looks like there was a storm coming. Accompanied with strong winds.

It was scary somehow. According to our guide, the weather to the top of Mount Apo can just change its weather in a second of a flash!

We did not manage to the very top. 4 of us were on the second highest point of mount apo.

From left: Me, Zara, Zen and in the middle is Zinky. All new friends that I met on this trip of climbing Mount Apo.

A good shoes and proper outfit is needed to climb Mount Apo.

This mountain has a super gigantic stone.

It is also hot on some parts as the sulfur has its way out from the ground.

The sulfuric smells can be dangerous for an Ashmatic person

Good shoes is super important too.

After 2 nights, 3 days, we finally back to Davao City and indulge our self with great Davaoeneo cooking.

Trying all sort of food from Roxas Night Market

This is the whole video footage of climbing Mount Apo.

Enjoy and travel the world with me.. @elvielins









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