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Welcome To Davao City Philippines

Dearest friends,

My friend and I arrived here in Davao City in the Philippines.

Upon checked in at our designated hotel, our first stop was to have some local food. We end up eating lechon Manok. – grill chicken in a charcoal.

Kalami! – means delicious!

After the Lechon Manok- we head to People’s Park for a walk.

This time of the month in Davao City- It is KADAYAWAN FESTIVAL.

Abundance of fruit displays are everywhere.

Here we are in Roxas Street night Market. All kinds of street food like BBQ, sweats stuff and drinks are here.

Other stuff like first and second hand bags, clothings and phone accessories, are also here.

People were happy eating just in every corner. AS IN IT IS PACKED OF PEOPLE HERE IN ROXAS EVERY NIGHT!

This is a very long MANGO FLOAT – it is actually layers of biscuits with cream and condense milk and topping with mango and milo powder.

Here are more street food images:

The next day, we went to Samal Island just about 10 minutes by boat and it cost P10.00 for each ride.

As always , I am admiring the beautiful clear water and I really hope it keeps it this way.

In Samal Island, you can just relax on some beaches or go to a resort for a day.

There are many foriegners buying parcel of land in this samal island as thier rest houses.

Well, my dear friends, I have more stories to come.

Sharing you the goodness in life…

Travel and see the world with me… Elvie Lins

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