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Hey #everyone,

In case you are planning to go to Davao city Philippines, and if you want to know things you can do while hanging aroud the city.

## Here’s a great way to make use of your day.

Head to SANTA ANA WARF, this area is about walking distance if you are just in the city or take a taxi. From here, you can take boat that drives you around samal Island by the beach side.

Many boats are for hire.

There are smaller to medium boats. They have different pricing too. Best is to bargain.

The costs of this boat roughly from P300 to P500 per person for a whole day riding. The smaller bangka which 2 people can go in is about P1500 for a whole day.

You have to start early morning like 7 or 8 am to catch this boats and that you have more sight seeing.

From Santa Ana Warf, they will at least stops about 5 to 7 destinations.

You will pass the Peal Farm Resort.

You can go swimming and boating with some local or villages boat.

The sand is white too. The water is blue and you see fish swimming.

#There is not much things to buy in the island when you are doing Island Hopping. Bring your own food and drinks is a better way as if you compare buying beers or so to a resort in Samal can be costly. Even it is costly, sometimes there is none you can get.

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Do not forget to comment, like or dislikes, and if you have some question about Davao City, please do not hesitate to ask me by commenting below or better still, you can email me directly.

Hope you get some knowledge from me today.

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