Are You Already Into Amazon Video Direct? MAKE MONEY ONLINE

Hey eveyone,

My other source of income is also from my videos which is basically Travel Blog Videos on Amazon Video Direct.

This images below are a sample on what you see on amazon.com website.

These are my videos uploaded on amazon site.

These Videos is very amateur taken really from my travels and edited it a little bit, uploaded on Amazon video direct site.

When I started with amazon video direct platform, it was not easy.

However, with a great software I purchase from Wondershare , I manage to correct my video format according to Amazon video direct standard.

I do understand that sometimes we do not spend any money.

Especially when we do not make from any of our affiliate or online business yet.

But remember this..


I have been into amazon video direct for over 6 months now and have 14 videos approved, I am generating an income per month. It is not much, but it increases the views per month.

The investment I have had buying the converter had made my work much easier.

I am not only using my videos with amazon video direct, my videos also has a faster website loading on the page in youtube.

If you believe in planting seeds now and reap/harvest later, it’s what I do.

Do check out filmora on Wondershare

To sign up on Amazon Video direct is realy no charge. www.amazonvideodirect.com

Try it it!

So far, as of today, Amazon Never fail to deliver my pay.

I am recieving my payment through Payoneer

With this payment also spend, withdraw cash using the Atm card

I am using it to travel and pay my hotel expenses and even buy crypto currency with it.

Please use ny link for us to get rewared.. Yes, you and me get rewarded if you sign up with Payoneer.

Well, I do hope you get some ideas from me today.

If you have some question about Amazon Video direct,

do let me know by commenting below.

As always, at your service.. @elvielins on steemit.com.



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