Ngorongoro National Park in Tanzania Africa

My friends and readers,

My hubby and I were in Ngorongoro National Park in Tanzania – one of the tourist destination in Africa.

Expect to see some wild animal which can be found in Ngorongoro national park.

Started our journey from Singapore with Turkish Airlines with stop over in Ataturk Airport (Turkey).

As the plane lift off from the Airport, I manage to take some shots from the top. This is the top view of Stanbul Turkey.

Landed in Kilimanjaro International  Airport. A small Airport in Town of Arusha. I must say, that Turkish Airline is pretty decent especially when you are on a budget.

You won’t believe me that the entire Journey from Singapore to Kilimanjaro and return was only USD1807 per person. The airline is comfortable enough and have rooms for your legs if you are a tall person like my husband.

When we were in Tanzania – The main trip we wanted was to climb Kilimanjaro. However, we had 3 days to explore the area and we book a day tour of Safari in Ngorongoro national park.

Nngorongoro National Park has a crater. From the distance, the crater look likes smoking. Yes, it was chilling and we have to wear a jacket. It was very dusty too. The Crater is like magical.

ngorongoro crater
Smoking crater of Ngorongoro

There were massive wildlife going on in this park. Below you can see the Flamingo. Bathing and swimming in this lake with less water. It was very sad for me to see that the lake has very little water for all the wildlife to drink.

This Flamingo seems to know how to entertain their audience. They flew and make a dive and formation. Pretty awesome to see in reality.flamingo flying formation

Giraffe were also there. A few of them were looking at our open roof jeep.

This is the first time I saw a Giraffe


the lion in africa
Lionese walking towards our jeep.

However, the most interesting for me was the baby lion. This liones were walking towards us. She must be looking for some food. Lucky me I was on top of the metal Jeep.

friends from canada
this couple were with us during the tour.

ngorongoro national park

If you can notice on top of this tree, there is a monkey, he was shy and pretend not to look at us. And below us is a cull of an elephant. According to our guide, many are still killing the elephant for their Ivory and mostly it is exported in China. It is why if you see plates and artefacts related to ivory, please do not buy them.

What I really like about travelling is we can always meet new people, new culture.  The culture of African people in Tanzania were very much like Filipino. They were always smiling, happy and singing. Even I know they do not have much to offer aside from giving us a great service.

I also thought that Africa is very dangerous country to be with. It open my eyes that they too wanting to make friends to other people and wanting to know other people culture.

It was a great experience for me to be able to visit Africa in Tanzania and met African people and knowing their culture.

I do hope you enjoy reading this post and I will live you the video here about our climb in Kilimanjaro

(Photos poste here are just taken with my phone and it is use only as to support my post for elaboration)


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