How To Loose Weight In A Healthy Way – My True Experience

My dear friends and readers,

Being an overweight person in the past gives me a lot of complications. Here in this  video is my true experience on how I loose weight in a healthy way.

If you can change this 2 things in your lifestyle,

1.Change the way you EAT, and 2. EXERCISE your body,

you will be in no time having great health.

Here is my true story

One fine day, after I recover from being sick and was hospitalised, I decided to change the way I live.

I started to do my research back in 2012. Perhaps like many others, loosing weight is not an easy thing to so and there is no magic in doing it.

From having weight between 54 to 60 kilograms for a lady like me who stands 52 inches tall is very fat. ( I am sorry I do not have photos as I never want to have any photo at all when I was this weight).

All I did was changing the way I eat. My food intake changes everything. I started to cut down salt. I remove sugary food such as my favourite cheese cakes. I also remove the chocolates at the time when I was trying to loose weight.

At work, I bring few plastic container which is microwave safe. I bring my food instead of eating food from restaurant or in Singapore we called it Food Court. Inside  the plastic container was broccoli, lady fingers, and some kinds of vegetables that I could steam or boiled.

I was never eating fried stuff food. All steam and grill only.

Instead of white rice I ate brown rice.

I do eat wholemeal bread, and avoid white bread. I choose no gluten bread.

In the beginning, it was terrible eating sweat potato with steak or chicken breast.

Cut down all salt and other seasoning specially those ready made sauces in the pack or can.

I think of those as full of chemicals. Instead, I make my own sauce if I want to.

It was nearly  3 months that I totally lost that weight and reach my ideal  to 52 kilograms.

But eating was only part of why I started in loosing weight. Combining it with motivation to exercise was the best thing that ever happen in my entire body.

push-up is a great way to tone your shoulder and arms. If you can push up 5 times to 10 times a day, you are on your way to loose weight and you will look very toned

Some days I go to the gym to tone up and some days I walk outdoor for about an hour to 2 depending on how I feel or what I do on that day.

I always plan that I can find time to exercise. It became my priority to get sweating each and every day.



In the beginning of my exercise, I feel dizzy. Body aches and really feeling so tired. It was adjusted after awhile. Pain was just an ordinary for me after exercise until there was no more pain. I do take vitamins and one of this is Plant base magnesium.

walking is one great way to exercise outdoor and embrace that nature freshness and doing it will help you loose weight

It was a lot of sacrifice in loosing weight, but because I want to change the way I live or else I would be dead if I did not change my life.

Today, I am always active, think better and perform well  with work.

Aside from blogging, I do other things like trading. Working from home gives me the time to eat healthy and exercise.

It is only YOU who limit yourself from doing something you want to do or from being someone who you want to be.

Eating healthy and combining it with exercise, surely in no time you can be the better you..

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Love always,


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