How To Travel To Batam Indonesia From Singapore

Traveling or going to Batam Indonesia from Singapore is kind of simple.


Batam has many offering like SPA services. Body and foot massage package with hotel stay. Cheap seafood and shopping simple stuff like coffee and some food are cheaper in Batam and it is only 45 minutes away from Singapore by Ferry.

Aside from leisure getaway to Batam, people like my husband goes there for work. A huge company called EPCOS which running thier manufacturing industry has a huge building and it has thousand of local  and foriegn workers.

Do not be worry if you are a drinker after work as there are many decent bars international and local who serves food and drinks.

This video will entice you “maybe” to go to Batam Indonesia

Comparing coming from Singapore to Malaysia – Going to Batam Indonesia has no traffic. Going to Malaysia need to cross 2 Immigration, Woodlands and Tuas which many people complain about the massive traffic going on between the 2 immigration.


Do not even need to book an advance Ferry Tickets as there are so many Ferries and big boats that goes to Batam from Singapore and vice versa every half to an hour. However, the last ferry is at 10pm. (if it still now).



To go to Batam is to head down to Harbour Front in Singapore.

The other land mark can be the Vivo City and Singapore Cruise Center Harbour Front.

On the second floor of Harbour Front, you can purchase Single or two way ticket.

It is not necessary to get two way ticket for the ferry trip specially when you are not queit sure when you are back to Singapore.

Ticket cost 1 way is $25 Singapore dollars.

The boats and ferries are very decent and spacious.

It will take you around 45 minutes to Batam Center Ferry Terminal.

You may like to go out by the designated Ferry exit as it is beautiful to see the scenery of Singapore while you are cruising the sea to Batam Indonesia.


Where to Stay in Batam?

There are so many hotels in Batam. However, I am only familiar of these 3 hotels

Best Western which the most closest to EPCOS company in Batam


My husband has a designated driver. I mean he always hire Eddy to drive him around Batam. Eddy Phone number is:+62813 6443 5878. You can contact Eddy via Whasapp.

Thank you for reading and happy holiday..



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