Senai International Airport of Johor Bahru Malaysia Is Now Open

The year I got to know Johor Bahru in Malaysia was 2012.

I was looking for a place to buy as my apartment in Thomson road was on block. (Meaning a condominium) is demolished and change to a new one for more money).

Senai Airport was queit and very lonely back then.

Planning my living in Johor must have an airport. That is what I like.

Only Airasia airline which is sister company by Malaysian Airline was the only flying that time and was only going locally.

Not long ago that Senai Airport became an International.

These are the Airlines that fly from Senai Airport

Lead by 2 local Airlines


From Senai Johor Bahru to many local destination such as KL, KUCHING, KOTA KINABALU, KOTA TERENGANU and PENANG.

Airasia also flying International destination but if it comes from Senai Airport, It will mostly has a connecting flights.

Malaysian Airlines fly only to Kl and from KL you connect your flight to international destination almost around the world.


Firely brings you to Subang.

JINAIR- Will bring you From Senai Airport to one of the busiest Airport in South Korea INCHEON

Malindoair – Will bring you from Senai Airport to Subang and Ipoh both are town of Malaysia.



About 49.4 Kilometers from Singapore Custom clearance to Senai airport. I drive for comfort and park the car in safe parking space inside the vicinity of the airport.

Coming to Senai the best way is to Hit the highway if you are driving.

There are safe carpark in Senai Airport too. I was once back in January park my car the whole day inside Senai Carpark and was okay. I paid about RM 44.00 Here is my video about that and my flight to Penang 

OTHER MEANS OF TRANSPORT FROM SINGAPORE TO ANY PART OF JOHOR OR SENAI AIRPORT There are many taxi available after the customs too. Alternatively you can take the Yellow bus 

There is a terminal at Jurong Bus interchange and from there you can be in Johor. Always ask the driver for guidance.

Today, Senai Airport is crowded. They have gain tourists and people that goes to other town of Malaysia. Just Like my husband, he goes to Penang, and Ipoh.

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Love Elvie.

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