How To Get FREE SSL Certificate For Your WordPress Blog

Hey Everyone,

I was in search for free SSL certificate and hours of watching some video and combining together what I learn, I came to a conclusion and solution. I therefore like to share this with you in case you were one of those looking for Free SSL Certificate for your WordPress blog.


An SSL Certificate is important to our website. A must have specially when we are selling products online. Because credit card information  on the internet can be passed from computer to computer like our password, username and credit card number and soon.

Without having an SSL certificate encrypted to our website – other may think it is unsafe even to browse or read our blog post.

Did you ever read a RED TEXT ON THE ADDRESS BAR if you check your own WordPress blog site?

Yes, you are right, I was shocked when I see mine says.. “NOT SECURE”. 

I came to learn then that Google implemented that every website must be encrypted with SSL.

It is also much more reliable if your website has that PODLOCK SIGN on the address bar.

I hope you are able to watch the video.

However, in case you were unable to see the video, I have some screen shot here for you.


Please check out https://www.cloudflare.com

Creating an account is free and it is easily set up too. You only need to do some simple steps.

Once you are done signing and filing up those details needed, you are good to go.


Login to your wordpress dashboard – head to your plugin and ADD NEW plugin called  – search for SSL.

Download the CloudFlare Flexible SSL

Do this after you have set up your details in CloudFlare details inside cloudflare website.

Once you are done activating the plugin – You can check if your settings are done by checking out your website.

When you check – you can now see the LOCK sign next to your domain name.

The red notification that says “NOT SECURE” should not be seen now. If you still see it, it means things are not done correctly. Try process again. Check your setting on CloudFlare and plugin.

Hope it help you.

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