Why Do I Exercise?

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My dear friends and readers,

Below is a video of me when I was in California Fitness. Just for you to have some motivation.

Let’s get into the topic.. Why Do I exercise?

I can pin point to bunch of reason really, But? Do you know that

Exercise can increase blood flow to the brain and genital area – (according to Jennifer R. Berman).

The increase of Endorphins from exercise or workout helps create sense of euphoria for the entire body.

Yea, I know you may ask me if I do have  a lot of sex. Ha ha ha! I believe in great relationships and great relationships needs to have a great sex right? So there you go, you got my answer.


Feeling light – When I finish my exercise, I feel lighter, and have full of energy to be exact.

Stress relief – Work and environment can cause us a lot of stress. Yes it is to me. Sweating from exercising does releases stress.

Sleep better – You may not believe me, one thing I really have to do exercise is because it really gives me a better sleep. Comparing to a day that I do not sweat –  I have nightmares and I keep turning in bed.

Better Skin -Sweating I believe has a contribution to a wonderful skin. Well, I do have a good skin on my body. My face has some pimples from time to time. But my over all body has super smooth skin. I do believe that exercising contributes to this great skin I have. Bear in mind I am not young anymore.

Feeling Positive – Doing exercise makes me think better, I think positive and I am more productive than not having exercise.

Feeling body toned – Another thing why I do like exercise is that I just like looking at myself has that solid tight body.

The problem we are facing today for not doing exercise  is because we are always on the phone. I  see it in my very own eyes. I could say 70% of our time is on the phone.

We even forget to have sex.  Maybe it is not you though. Ha ha!

Well, we can always be a better person, body and over all being if we can have a little bit of discipline. 

Now, let me ask you? Why do you exercise? Do you? Leave your honest comment below.

Here is a full video work out that teaches you of proper stretching and body toning. It is in this  package I compiled. 8 video total that I am sharing with you which I purchase for myself to exercise from home. However, I do need some donation as I am really raising funds for the homeless children back in Davao. I am trying to support them what I can for their food, clothing and education. 

You will be directed to a cart and to PayPal and cost you only $5.00 I paid a lot more than that.

Here is the link to the video and hope you use it.

Thankful for your support.




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