Knowing Malaysia – Street Food in Gelang Patah Town in State of Johor Bahru

My dear friends and readers,

I was driving  in Town of Gelang Patah, I saw there was a happening in the town so I stop by.

I discover the street food, vegetables and cook food in this night market.

Where is this town Gelang Patah?

If you coming from Tuas Checkpoint in Singapore, your direction will be gelang patah. Not many people from Singapore knows Gelang Patah as I learn from my friends.

Many people living in Singapore also afraid to come to Johor. But Johor Bahru is big state. The city center of Johor Bahru is where many crimes happens there. But so far, I am driving alone coming to Gelang Patah I feel safe.

Many foreigners living in this area. Big houses like in Liesure farm resort, Eco Setia, well known schools are found around or nearby here.

The night market happens right in front of CIMB BANK GELANG PATAH or the KFC

Though it may not be your typical night market bazaar where you could get some great deals of electronics or a fake hand bags. This market has many barang barang too like clothings and home displays. But mostly it is purely food as far I notice.

I am not sure what they have display during Thursday.

In this area, you can also have a great body and foot massage. The place is called REFLEXOLOGY – it is next to money changer of Gelang Patah.

There are also bargains of Mobile Phones here. Oppo and Samsung I find that it is better to buy from here rather than in Singapore. Why? Currency conversation wise – here is much cheaper.

I hope you enjoy seeing my video and please give me some comment if you have some questions about Johor or Singapore, do let me know.

I am thankful and truly bless that I can share my experience with you.

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Love, Elvie Lins

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