Preparing to A Trip To Highest Mountain In Mindanao – Mt Apo

Mount Apo has 2, 954 elevation above sea level.

It is located in Mindanao. The southern part of the Philippines.

About 45 minutes by plane from Cebu and an hour from Manila.

Since young, I look at this mountain.

I even have an apartment in the center of Davao City that over looks the mountain.

Though this mountain of Mt Apo is only half the hieght of Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania Africa, I am pretty sure it will be a tough hike to the top of Mount Apo.


Mount Apo base Kapatagan is about 2 hours jeepney ride from Davao city town. Kapatagan will be the base of our Hike.

A friend from Singapore is joining me in this hike.

Preparation is cretical.

My experience in Hiking that a waterproof backpack and a stick to support you when going down is one of those important things that needs to be on hand.

Many people start as early as 3 Am to hike.

It will be a slow hike for us as it will take 3 days total.

I am looking forward to post daily of this journey.

Mount Apo, here we come.




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