Video Footage of 5 Days Motorbike Tour from Malaysia To Thailand

Hi Everyone,

Here I am sharing you the full 5 Days motorbike tour on a video from day 1 of our trip until we arrived in Thailand Phuket.

(I am also re writing it again from Day one to Day 5 incase you missed the whole story).

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Day 1.

In season now  of Durian fruit and Malaysia Road is packed of vendors and price is as low as RM 6 – (Malaysian Money) per Kilo

2 friends, Robbie and Dave started from Singapore in the morning and join our place in Gelang Patah.

After a cup of coffee we start cruising from Gelang Patah Petrol Station to Sime Darby Plantation.

Malaysia is lush of green environment. Full of Palm trees everywhere.

We were passing small winding road as well as many  big lizzard wanting to cross the road.

Inside Palm plantation, we saw a few train tracks.

I did not have a good shot of the train track but on video.

It was rainng in the afternoon from Gemas heading towards Bentong.

This is why we were very tired and we decided to stay overnight here in Karak

Staying in a small hotel in Karak and we had wonderful evening with local food and the guys had few beers.

This is tiger beer. If you guys are a beer drinker, you provably know tiger beer.

Do you know that Malaysians are very friendly people? I am talking about the villagers. They were nice and love to ask you questions and are happy to help out for direction.

However,as you can see in this image, there is this a guy who were interviewing us.


On our day one of Motoring Malaysia, we stayed in the town of Karak.

We left early morning from Karak and head our way to Genting Highland.

Genting Highland took us about 2 hours with highway. No drama on the road as it is pretty straight forward with good direction on signboards.


From Genting Highland, we then head up to Fraser Hill.

The road to Fraser hills up and down were super narrow.

A road for riders. They were having great fun with short turns and curvey road to Frazer Hill

After Fraser Hill, we head down to a small town for lunch and join the road heading to Cameron Highlands.

As Robby drove down the winding road, he found this little fellow right in the middle of the road.Dave took this cute Turtois and help to cross the road.

After 2 hours on the road, Finally arrived here in Cameron Highlands.

There are so many white roofs as I was looking from a distance and I taught it was a snowy place up above the mountain.

But instead, these are roofs for the garden plants. Lush tomatoes, vegetables and fruits.

The tea plantation is here too.

We settled in a place called Cameronian Logde.

The only place we could get during arrival.

It cost RM 90 per standard room with Queen size bed.

There were many tourist I see everywhere in this town.

Very develop and very touristic.

We had dinner at the popular chinese restaurant.

Dishes above: spicy deer meat, taufu, pork 2 vegetables with 4 rice and a bottle of beer for the boys cost About 129RM

DAY 3.

Our day 3 of Motoring Malaysia were very interesting. Robbie’s Petrol were out just before we cross the Bukit Bunga Malaysia and Thailand border.

(this image is cameron highlands as we left off).

From DAY 1 we left in Gelang Patah and our DAY 2 from Karak town to Cameron highlands

We came down from Malaysia Cameron Highlands.

Heading to Dabong and Jeli. Entering Thaland. Cross border of BUKIT BUNGA. This border is not so long ago. Very Malaysian.

We stop for a break and had Durian fruit and pineapple.

The people were nice and happy taking pictures of the 2 white man.

We continue for another 3 hours of riding inside the forest heading direction to Hatyai passing through Narathiwat.

Many of the lands we were cruising looks like farms. I saw many beautiful ricefields and vegetation.

Including Railway station.

Though time to settled down, we drove a little more away from the city of Narathiwat as we wanted to stay near nature or just away from the city center.

As we were looking for a place near beach, this is we end up.

So Robbie decided to take picture of Markus and I watch them.

We could not find a place we wanted near the beach side of Narathiwat. As it’s getting dark, we drove back to town and decided to stay in Narathiwat Hotel.

The room were spacious though it looks old but it works fine.

There is a Thai restaurant next to the hotel.

And guess what? You are never in Thailand if you do not eat all these spicy food.

My tummy were grumbling like hell and I just dont feel so


But though it is not good on my tummy, I keep eathing them.

Because, I stay with my policy.. If I go to a place, I do what locals do and I eat what the locals eat.


We stayed at NARATHIWAT Hotel in town.

From Narathiwat we head to direction Kelantan following the road number 1669.

(traffic light in center Narathiwat)

Following road 1669, passing through road Amphoe Mayo- Krawa.

We had a stop for lunch at AMPHOE SINGHANAKHON – MUANG NGAN

It was a local cottages by the beach.

After lunch we hit the road.

Following the highway to south, we got so bored and Robbie change direction to AMPHOE KHUAN KHANUN – THALE NOI.

Beautiful scenery passing through this road.

Coming through small road again and landed in the town of KHUAN KHANUN.

As we continue, we came to such a beautiful huge combination of nature and improvised man made lake Huai Nam Sai

I was enjoying this scenic view of the lake. We drove around it to get to AMPHOE RATSADA – KHLONG PANG and we snuggled in Ni Nee Garden

From Ni Nee Garden, we head motoring to KHAO PHANOM.Khao Phanom road is small but neat road where big bikes like KTM 990 or HONDA AFRICAN TWIN rides easily.

Along the ride, we had to stop for a break and found this family who were doing rubber farming.

We experience all sort of things in this journey.

The beauty of motoring with bikes is that you can have no limits and no once pushes you.

If you are open to some adventure where no limits then you can really hace a lot of fun.

However, if you are choosy in travelling and want very comfortable. Flying is then your option.

After coffee from rubber farm, we drive for a short narrow road to Amphoe Khao Phanom then head to Phuket town where we end our Motoring trip from Malaysia to Thailand.


Now the guys trying some low and high power motor bikes here in Phuket town.

I thank you all for joining me and reading this journey.

If you have some question about this tour and want to ask some info, please do not hesitate to ask this guys as they are expert in off road and on road touring.

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