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Home Cooking- With Tiramisu A Healthier Version, Maybe?

My dear friends,

I taught of sharing you this home made Tiramisu with a bit of twisted ingresients.

What you need?

  • Brewed Coffee- cool it down before use.

  • 4 large eggs (fresh and new as much as possible.

  • lady fingers biscuits

  • liquor but not a must

  • 500 grams or 2 (250grams) pack of Mascarpone cheese

  • Honey or Raw organic cane sugar

  • glass container for your tiramisu

  • cacao powder or Milo

I used honey instead of sugar.

If you may have seen on my previous post and my kind of cooking, if I needed some sweet ingredients, I mostly choose honey.

How to do?

  1. Separate egg whites and egg yolks

  2. Beat egg yolks together with Honey into a bowl where you can heat it up.

Just like this one on the image. I place the bowl into a pot with slow fire and at the same time, beat the yolks steady and slowly.

You only want to cream the yolks and honey. Not scrumble egg. Place it inside the fridge to cool down.

  1. Beat the egg whites until it become very fluffy.

  2. Add 500 grams of Mascarpone.

I used this kind This type said is gluten free. I am trying to minimise gluten to my food. Gluten makes me fat.

Blending together with egg whites gently so that your eggwhites does not break from being foamy.

Adding egg yolk mixture- combining all mixture together.

Now, assuming you cool down your brewed coffee, You can add some liquor if you wish to your coffee.

In your container. place a substantial amount of cream mixture on the glass bottom.

Now, soak the biscuit one at a time quickly to ur coffee mixture.

Place your biscuit


You can place some chocolates in between.

I added mine for some kick! 70% cacao content is good for our health.

Those blacks chips there are crack chocolates.

Once finalise ,

add your cacao or milo powder on top. You can design it and be creative.

Wrap in a plastic foil, refrigirate the cake and keep it cool.

At least 6 hours inside uour fridge and best is you can prepare it a day ahead before serving it.

Knowing our ingredients we still can make some sweets stuff and minimize the sugars, calories or carbs and gluten.

I hope you do enjoy this reciepe.

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Love always


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