Travel With Motorbike From Phuket Thailand to Singapore

We came to Phuket Thailand with Motorbike from Singapore. Now we are heading back from Phuket to Singapore.

In case you missed the journey from Singapore, here are the links below.

DAY 1 from Singapore

DAY 2 From Karak to Cameron highlands

DAY 3 to Thailand border

DAY 4 and 5 to Phuket

This trip from Phuket Island Thailand to Singapore should take us 2 days on the road.

Day 1

Leaving from Phuket,

we head towards Phang Nga. Then to Krabi, Trang and we landed overnight here in Hat Yai.

(Pang Nga Town)

From Trang to Bakrak

(Tamot Town to Hat Yai)

We had a slow riding today as it was pouring heavy rain in certain time.

Settled in Hat Yai Lee Garden hotel which cost Thailand money 650.

Day 2. Final Day To arrive Singapore.

(Hat Yai town heading to Sadao Immigration)

Awaken early morning.. from the hotel we had in Hatyai. Preparing to head back.

We started our journey direction number AH2 and 4 Highway heading to Sadao Immigration and checkpoint.

Sadao is the border between Thailand and Malaysia

Super busy road. It was not fun driving motorbike in a busy highway.

As we approach Sadao immigration, there are few stalls selling Thai food.

Passing through both immigration were fast. Many Chinese Nationals on Que but there were many Booth opened.

We hit the road direction Kuala Lumphur. Passing Kuala Lumphur and hit the road for Johor Bahru.

Overall time from Hat Yai to Singapore were 9 hours with rest in between.

It could have been wonderful if we were taking the road slowly using smaller road and not a highway.

I hope you enjoy reading this, and you can learn something from me today.

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