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I Found #TRAVELFLEX As my Travel Companion

My Dearest Friends,

Super excited that I found this travel coin.

Becuase travel industry is booming. I think this particular travelfelx coin will boom!

No I am not a fun on investing crypto. I am damn and doom about it.

It says…

Decentralised Social Travel Networks and Payment system.

I just signed up myself today after reading the whitepaper and knowing where they will be heading to.

They have loads of information here

Aside from being in coin market cap, they have many projects and partners with Airbnb and many more.

The coin is also mineable which I do not know much about mining.

But the best part is that I can have this cool Travel flex card that can use for any purchase.

I know, I know🤗🤗 we have all sorts of cards already.

I think this one is good for us to make some bucks too and include it to our blog.

No,🤓 you cannot depend on me.. Please do read it yourself HERE

I just started to like crypto and I have no money to loose so I am so careful.

Am still in Phuket Thailand when writing this.

As always,

love and care.. Elvie



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